Entryway Decor Ideas (11 Beautiful Spaces)

In this post, I’ve rounded up some beautiful entryways.  

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They each have minimal style (no clutter) but leave a big impact and set a stylish tone for the home. So if you need ideas for entryway decor, you’ve come to the right place!

I really think there is an art to getting the “entryway” look right.  

It’s the first thing you see when you come through your front door and it sets the tone for the rest of the house.  I tend to think minimal is best when it comes to most things.  

Entryways are no exception.  

I’ve seen entryways that are cluttered with “stuff” beyond belief.  Junk mail, knick-knacks, too many chairs, shoes galore, overgrown plants, clocks, keys, receipts, books, magazines, pillows, etc.  I could go on and on.  

I’ve been guilty of it! It’s not hard to do.  

It’s a very convenient dumping ground for things when you come home.

But cluttered entryways are bad for feng shui.  It’s always best to have a clear entryway, free from clutter to keep that good energy flowing through the house.  

Entryway Decor Ideas

Here are a few ideas I picked up through Pinterest.

Add some Statement Art

One way to make a grand impression is by hanging some statement art. This doesn’t have to be large wall art, it can be a gallery wall of prints, too.

add a big mirror

This is one of my favorite ideas. Mirrors not only are functional (hello, need to check myself before heading out the door), but they also bounce light around in your rooms.

Add in lighting

I think it’s always nice to have soft lighting near your entryway.  When you leave in the evening, it’s so welcoming to come home to a beautiful light!  I know, that sounds super cheesy but it’s true.  

Add in Botanicals

Greenery, flowers, a wreath – something organic from nature is always a nice touch. I also think greenery and flowers are an easy way to stay current for the seasons – cedar and berries around Christmas, fresh greenery in the spring, and hydrangeas in the summer.

Make it Functional

What purpose does your entryway serve? Is it a drop-off center for keys, mail, and/or shoes?  Does it provide a place to sit and put your shoes on before you leave?  Is it part of a larger room or off by itself in a nook?  Is it just there to look pretty?  

The answers to these questions will help determine how you decorate your entryway.

Need a place to drop keys and mail?  Everything looks better gathered in a trinket dish or decorative box.  Stack a set of different-sized boxes on top of one another or set a small trinket dish on top of a stack of coffee table books.  Remember to keep it simple and neat.  (It’s so easy to start using this area as a dumping ground – again, guilty here.)

What about if you need a place to put on shoes and store shoes?  Use a rustic bench and place a set of pretty baskets underneath to store shoes.  Decorate your bench with some pretty pillows and hang a mirror on the wall.  Or, use a pretty rubber tray to corral the shoes and hang a few decorative hooks to hold keys, hats, etc.

What if your entryway is mainly there to look pretty?  Well, then you’re really just decorating!  Check out the aforementioned ideas such as lamps, a set of vases, a candle, etc.  The possibilities are pretty endless.  I would make sure your entryway decor fits with the rest of your home.

Remember, don’t go crazy or it will end up cluttered.  

Have fun decorating!

xo Karen