There is something so fun and liberating about decorating a kid’s room. You can go wild with colors and patterns. You can use toys as decor. Here are three easy ways to

1. Hang Colorful, Quirky Artwork

Whether it’s a gallery wall of fun prints or a single statement piece of art, kids’ rooms make the best blank canvas. And you can buy digital art and print it yourself.

Art is a personal choice, but here are some good options that are popular to get the wheels turning.

  • Watercolor artwork
  • Inspirational Quote and Typography Prints
  • Retro Poster Artwork
  • Minimalist Animal Photography
  • Moon Phase and Solar System Prints
  • Vintage Maps
  • Dinosaurs! Cute ones.
  • Black and White Abstract Art
  • Scandinavian and Nordic Artwork

If you are thinking about going with a gallery wall – what’s the easiest way to make it look cohesive?

Keep everything in the same color family.  

for instance, go for all black and white prints (abstract, typography, photography) but then vary the frames. Maybe a gold frame, maybe a wooden frame, maybe a white frame, etc. Here are some good sources for artwork.

  • Your own kids! Kids’ artwork framed up can look fantastic.
  • Etsy, of course! 🙂
  • Society 6 is great too.
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Anthropologie
  • Minted

2. Add a Vintage or Patterned Rug

Sometimes all we need is a sophisticated rug to pull a room together. Or use one as a jumping-off point for pulling in other colors. I love bright pinks, yellows, and blues, but I also love rugs in muted dusty tones. 

I think every room needs a timeless piece that gives it a collected feel. And with kids’ rooms, the collected look can be hard to achieve. Vintage rugs give you that feel. Striped rugs are totally timeless and will never go out of style. You can always find a place for a nice striped rug.

If you have carpet in a room, you can lay the rug down over it. This changes the whole room and protects the carpet from stains and dirt.

I also LOVE how a vintage rug adds both color and pattern to a room. And you don’t have to go expensive!

3. Install Wallpaper

Kids’ rooms are a perfect space to go a little wallpaper crazy. And if you use peel and stick – you can easily swap it out as the kids outgrow it.

If you are scared to commit – try adding a little wallpaper to a book nook or desk area or just an accent wall. It’s not overwhelming and just makes those accessories and artwork POP.

Wallpaper For Kids Rooms
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