Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for me, and I’m not alone. Over 400 million people use the platform around the globe. So it’s not surprising that I love to see what the 2023 Design Trends will be for the coming year, according to Pinterest predictions.

2023 Design Trends


I LOVE this. People are becoming more eco-conscious when it comes to water. And they should be. I’m sure you’ve heard about the water crises currently facing the western United States. This is beyond drought; there is now a new term for it called aridification. This affects not only us, but has a trickle down effect to our environment as well, as plants and animals suffer right along with us (and probably more so). We need to do everything we can to conserve our water supply.

Rainscapes includes water conservation methods such as rain barrels and drought tolerant landscapes. I think we will continue to find ways to make these water conservation methods a stylish (non eye sore) part of home design. In fact, a quick search of rain barrels brought up some pretty stylish options. See here below…

2023 Design Trends, according to Pinterest

And this idea of drought tolerant landscapes is not for desert dwellers. You can do this anywhere, as we all have a few native plants that don’t require a ton of water. These can be beautiful and low maintenance.

Last year, our family put in a garden. One of the garden beds is dedicated to easy, drought tolerant flowers, such as lavender, daisies and coneflowers. The first year brought just a few flowers but I know it will continue to flourish and grow every year while providing birds and bees with food and sanctuary.

Hipstoric Home

Isn’t this also called modern vintage? And hasn’t this been a thing for a while now? I’m not kidding. This is discussing the inherited and hand me down stuff in your life, and giving it a prominent place in your home.

Bar area set up on an old dresser
Kaitie Moyer

This includes mixing modern and vintage furniture together and decorating with antique things; such as old window panes and frames. This is a style I really gravitate towards and it’s definitely something I’m trying to achieve in our home here.

Kitchen with antique Decor and Paintings - arch digest
Architectural Digest

My husband is more of a mid-century modern style, and I’m more of an eclectic vintage style – this “hipstoric” home ideal seems to be the perfect in between mix.

Rustic Bathroom with antique furniture - Elle Decor
Elle Decor

But I’m serious; hasn’t this been a thing? Perhaps it’s become so much more popular now it can be highlighted. Either way, I’m happy to hear that other people also like the style that I like!

Home Front

I’m totally on board for this one! Let’s style up our front entryways, foyers, porches and front yards. I think this will help us take curb appeal to a whole new level.

Black front door on a red brick house - BHG

But this trend also has another meaning – front yard entertaining. Hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about this one as my husband and I are somewhat private people (well, aside from putting our entire house on the internet), and I can’t see us entertaining much in the front yard.

Some folks have more front yard than back yard, or their front yards have privacy or views that make entertaining ideal. I do love a good glass of wine on our front porch at the end of the day when the sun is setting; but that’s about it.

Jokes aside; I am really curious to see more of this trend come to light. It sounds inspiring to me, I’m just not sure this would work for our particular home and personalities.

Mushroom Decor

How charming?! Mushrooms!

I will say I’m a fan of mushroom art and the infamous mushroom lamp. I’ve also seen cutesy mushroom Christmas ornaments and garden decor, but I’m not sure how beyond that I would go and it will be interesting to see what takes shape here. In the shape of a mushroom, of course.

If that weren’t enough; “weirdcore” bedroom is an actual trending search on Pinterest. Do we need to be scared of what pops up with that term?

Overall, I’m a fan of – “what are you a fan of?” What do you want your home to reflect about you? If you love mushrooms and have a connection to them in some way, then fantastic. But with I’ve never been a fan of incorporating home trends unless I felt some connection to it.

You can read more about these Pinterest trends here.

More trends!

Aside from Pinterest, I wanted to quickly touch on some of the other things that interior designers are seeing more of in 2023.

Pine Wood

Yay! Can you picture my utter joy and enthusiasm here?? I’ve a huge fan of pine wood, always have been. I’m so happy it’s finally having it’s moment, that to me was so well deserved for such a long time.

diy storage cabinet tutorial
Pine Wood Cabinet

Moody Interiors (+ more color)

This was something I think we have all been seeing more of lately. I love a good moody room, and I think we’ll be seeing even more colors come to light this year. While I still love a backdrop of white walls, I think more colors is a welcome change. Is it just me or do all the rooms on Instagram look the same? I hope this gives people the push they need to inject some personality and color into their homes again.

Navy Office/Lounge with Grid Wall - How to put a Grid Wall - DIY Tutorial
Our Moody Lounge with Grid wall

Texture, Texture, Texture

Things are getting more tactile – stone, limewash, brick, rattan, and cane. I think people want more warmth and more natural, textures in their home.

Darker Wood Tones

Finally. Can I say that? I try to keep an open mind, really I do. And as much as I love a natural oak piece of furniture or a bleached wood dresser, I’m really missing some of those darker, more mysterious and elegant wood tones. Again, it seems like these oven cleaned pieces of furniture have taken over Instagram to the point where I had to get off of it for a while. I want to be inspired – I don’t want to see the same design in every room 50 times over. Anyways, Why did those beautiful darker tones go missing? I’m happy to see more of this.


It seems like wallpaper is on the rise, especially within smaller rooms and powder rooms.

Sculptural Lighting

Lighting is no longer an afterthought. Really beautiful lighting that looks like art and sculptures is becoming a thing, and I’m here for it. It’s officially time to get rid of those boob lights and inject our personalities into the lighting of our home.

Phew! Well, that officially wraps it up. I’m really excited about where design is headed, and I can’t wait to start incorporating some of these elements into our home.

Thanks for visiting today.

xo Karen

2023 Design Trends, according to Pinterest

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