7 Amazing IKEA Hacks You Must Know

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Take a look at these 7 amazing IKEA hacks for your home. You’ll want to start furniture hacking immediately!

Have I ever told you guys how much I love IKEA? 

I’m definitely in my happy place when I’m walking around their showroom. 

So many ideas! 

So affordable! 

So crowded!  (Sorry, I had to throw that one in there.)

amazing IKEA hacks

In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of amazing IKEA hacks you must know about.


I’m definitely picky when it comes to home decor in general.  I don’t like anything that looks fake.  Or too done up.  Or cheap. 

There’s a lot of IKEA hacks out there that are just ‘meh’.  But I do LOVE to save money (who doesn’t?) And I love to create beautiful home decor that isn’t expensive – but looks it.

Let’s be honest …

Decorating a home can get expensive very quickly.  This is such a good way to furnish your home in style at an affordable price.

Amazing IKEA Hacks you must know

These are some of the best IKEA hacks out there that you have to try. After this, you might want to read about some of the best items at IKEA.


These stools are under $20!  I am right now thinking of 101 ways I could use these little guys around my house.  In the bathroom, in my kids rooms, in the playroom, in the kitchen, as a plant holder…on and on. 

Style me Pretty used some paint to jazz up these stools in a unique way.  I love the result!

IKEA skogsta stool hack

Or add a little fur trim like Finding Silver Pennies did here.

IKEA skogsta stool hack

BILLY Bookcase

If there is a Hack of all Hacks you must know about, it’s the BILLY bookcase / built-in bookcases HACK.  Say that sentence three times fast. 

Forget spending a fortune to get custom built-ins (unless you want to).  These look amazing and you would never be able to tell the difference.  Using just trim and paint, these BILLY bookcases get transformed into built-ins that look like they were installed by a master carpenter.

Kristin from Bliss at Home was featured in Better Homes and Gardens for her amazing work here.  Love it!

Amazing IKEA hacks - Billy Bookcase

Mysha from Remington Avenue also knocked it out of the park with her BILLY bookcase hack.


Irene Edwards used a high gloss gray paint to tie her bookcases into the fireplace.  Very chic.


Check out what The Makerista did here with some trim!  She even added a ladder.

7 IKEA Hacks you Must Know About


BEKVAM Spice Rack Hacks

I never knew I could love a spice rack so much.  Did you know how many creative uses there are for these BEKVAM spice racks?  TONS.  And they are super cheap! 

You can use them for spices, yes, but also to hold craft supplies, nail polish, toiletries, and more!!!  My favorite hack for them is definitely to hold children’s books, like this sweet picture below. 

Notice how they hung one upside down as a clothes hanger?  Genius.

Bekvam Spice Rack

TARVA Dresser

This one dresser has been hacked so many times.   

The Tarva dressers are made of pinewood, so it can be painted and you can add trim to it and other designs. These can look really good. 

And this one from Kristina Lynn.  It definitely looks like a mid-century modern piece from West Elm!

Tarva IKEA hack

HEMNES Shoe Storage

I am a huge fan of the HEMNES line from IKEA. 

For this IKEA hack, Dana from House Tweaking used a belt to make these stylish leather pulls on the HEMNES shoe storage.  This looks amazing!  And this is much more functional now! 

Note to self: Get HEMNES Shoe Storage.  And “borrow” hubby’s leather belt.  jk!

See Also: Leather Drawer Pulls you can make in 5 minutes

Hemnes Ikea Hack

KALLAX Bookshelf

Delia from Delia Creates took the oh so popular KALLAX bookshelf unit and added a back as well as legs. 

It totally changes the whole look in my opinion!  And these KALLAX bookshelves will pay for themselves, with or without a hack.  They are perfect for playrooms!  Any rooms, really.

Kallax Ikea Hack

PAX Wardrobes

A wardrobe as a kitchen pantry?  Yep.  These are simply stunning.  Jenna Sue created a custom looking pantry out of a bunch of PAX wardrobes.  Amazing!


Brittany Makes did something similar and painted hers a pretty navy-gray color.  It’s equally stunning and looks like a custom piece!


Or, go on and stick with the wardrobe idea and make it really unique like Jenny Komenda did!


We should definitely get to IKEA soon, right? 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

xo Karen