7 Simple and Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas

in this post:  7 simple and inexpensive fall decor ideas.

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I tend to decorate very lightly for fall.  Just little touches here and there.  The only holiday where I actually like to go overboard is Christmas, and this year may be a little different on that front too. 

I’ve sensed my style has changed over the past year or so.  Maybe I’m just looking at too much Pinterest.  Maybe I’m just seeing how beautiful minimalist decor can really be.  It seems like summer comes and then bam! Fall hits us very quickly and we are scrambling to get ready – when we are already halfway through the season.  Anyone else feel that way?

Oh yeah, and then Halloween arrives.  And we are scrambling again to make everything spookier.  From now on – I’m going to decorate for Halloween first – then fall which will take me through Thanksgiving, and then finally Christmas!   Here’s a collection of seven simple and inexpensive fall decor ideas.

ONE // Simple Fall Wreath

Well, you can easily make a wreath or just buy one!  I’m partial to these beautiful faux magnolia wreaths.  I love the color contrast between the green and tan leaves.

TWO // Fall Scented Candles

Easy!  Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Homegoods are really great places to look for candles.  I also love looking at Target’s Candles.  They often have clearance candles on the end of the aisles all the time and if you are lucky – you can also snag a cartwheel coupon.

THREE // Plaid Throws

Really, anything plaid just screams FALL!  to me.  I tend to keep one blanket displayed over the arm of a couch or chair and the rest tucked in a pretty corner basket.  So – you can keep these “fall” throws out year round.  Just throw the fall throw on your couch for display and tuck the lighter, summer throws away in the basket.  Simple!

FOUR // Soft, Cozy, Velvety Pillows

I love velvet pillows this time of year.  They are so cozy and warm to me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – pillows are one of the easiest things you can do to change the vibe of your rooms.  Even a faux fur pillow would be great to pull out for fall.  It will add some texture to your furniture and rooms as well.

FIVE // Vases of Fall Foliage

Vases and Jugs are a great way to transition through the seasons.  You can keep them out all year long and swap out the branches seasonally. Try some long fall foliage branches from your yard. It brings in such a pretty pop of color.

Another natural way to decorate? Make this pretty dried orange garland.

Or go faux and pick up a few branches from Pottery Barn or Michael’s or Afloral that will last you forever.  I tend to go long with branches because they add that dramatic height to your rooms that we love so much!  

SIX // Pumpkins, large and small

Our recent trip to the pumpkin patch was nothing short of amazing.  It was a beautiful place.  I left feeling so refreshed and so excited for the fall season upon us.  And I tell ya – if it wasn’t for those giant displays of pumpkins everywhere that made me so happy!  Why not re-create that look at home?   

I love front porches lined with a variety of pumpkins.  Even your coffee tables and sideboards can hold a few pumpkins – small and large – and create such a pretty Fall vignette.  They are pretty easy to get and for me, they seem to last a pretty long time too.  Tuck a few of the small ones (Jack be Littles) on your open shelving or in a pretty basket.  Or put one on your bathroom vanity so Fall is there to greet you in every room.

SEVEN // Mums (+ how to make them last)

I had to end on a mum note.  LOL. 

But would Fall be Fall without those beautiful mums?  I’ve always loved mums but ran into the issue of having them bloom and wilt days after bringing them home from the store. 

What a bummer! 

So – I did some research and here are some of the tricks to getting mums that last.

  • Be careful where you buy them.  It’s tempting and super convenient to get them from your grocery store but I’ve found they just don’t last as long as ones I’ve purchased from special plant nurseries or farms.  Maybe you are lucky don’t have that problem?  Mums that have been under-watered frequently (which tend to be the case at some grocery and even home improvement stores) are stressed out and on their way out while still on display at some stores.  So be picky!
  • Buy them with buds – not flowers.  Simple enough!  They will bloom on your front porch and not in the car ride home. 🙂
  • Water them frequently – mums don’t like to be dry.
  • Repot them when you get home.  I used to bring them home and just set them on the porch.  But if you take the time to finesse their roots and repot them – they will last longer.
  • Give them sun.  Mums really like the sun so it’s best to put them in an area where they will get it.
  • Deadhead them.  Pinching off spent blooms really does help them rebloom.

xo Karen