A Hanger Hack for your Tank Tops

This hanger hack will help you organize your tank tops!


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Ok, so I know it’s not technically tank top season.  But it is the season of organizing!  I’ve slowly but surely been making over the closets in our house.  Craftsman homes don’t come with a huge amount of closet space so I have to be really efficient with how I store stuff.

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Also, here’s a funny story.  The stairs up to our bedrooms are super tight and twisty.  When we moved in, we couldn’t fit our dresser up the stairs.  Nope!  Just couldn’t do it.  And we tried.  Lord knows we tried.  So that was a not so fun surprise.  The dresser is sitting down on the main floor and we had to buy cheap dressers that you have to put together.  (Thank god for assembly furniture).  I actually hate the dressers though. 

We were in a rush and my hubby and I had different ideas and ultimately we both had to compromise.  I wish we could have gone to IKEA but it’s far away from where we live and we just had too much going on.  So to end this story – we have crappy, tiny dressers upstairs that don’t fit a lot of clothes. 

Our bulky sweaters and sweatshirts are just sitting out in the open right now until this renovation and the plans get squared away.  So yep – the plan is to open up that staircase!

In the meantime, I’m trying to work with what we have.  Ideally, I would love to store most things in our closet.  Our room always looks messy to me right now.  I want everything put away.  Drives me nuts!  So, I thought – if I could clear some room in those drawers by moving more stuff to the closet, then I could move the bulky sweaters into the drawers.  I’ve also been paring down and I’m pretty much at bare minimum.  There is nothing else I can really get rid of.

One of my drawers has tshirts, tank tops and long sleeve shirts.  I don’t really love my tank tops folded up in there.  They get wrinkled because they are hard to fold and they just add a weird bulk to my drawers that I don’t like.  I came across this tank top hanger on Amazon.  And I came across some pretty neat looking hanger clips.  They are still on my wish list but I just can’t get myself to spend the money on it right now.  (After all, there are tons of crafts out there to buy).  And I just recently bought a bunch of awesome slim hangers to get more space in our closet.  This seems like something I could pick up at HomeGoods – but unfortunately we don’t live near one.

First I tried to just hang a bunch of tank tops on one hanger but that didn’t really work.  Too bunchy.  And I certainly don’t want one hanger for each.  Too wasteful.

So, I decided to make my own tank top hanger for now.

A Hanger Hack for your Tank Tops - This hanger hack will help you organize your tank tops!

Using leftover shower curtain hooks.  ( I just took our shower rod down in the kids bath because I was having nightmares about it falling on them.  I didn’t think it was secure enough.  I have another idea for that bathroom anyways. )  You can get shower curtain hooks from the dollar store too!

Basically, you just take the shower curtain hooks and hook them onto your hanger.  Like so.

A Hanger Hack for your Tank Tops - This hanger hack will help you organize your tank tops!

Take each tank top and secure it to the hanger with the shower curtain hooks.

Now, whenever I want a certain tank top – I can just unhook it off the hanger.  Easy!

A hanger hack for your tank tops - get them organized with this simple trick!

Maybe in the future I will treat myself to an awesome tank top hanger.  But for now, this works great and gets me more space in my drawers.  It also keeps my tank tops unwrinkled.  Oh yeah, and this work for scarves and pashminas too.

A hanger hack for your tank tops - get them organized with this simple trick!

I hope you guys liked this hanger hack!  Let me know in the comments if you have any other clever ideas for hanging stuff – I’d love to hear! 🙂

xo Karen

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  1. Hi Nigel – yes they are shower curtain hangers. And I do think they would work with ties – although I haven’t tried it myself personally. Worth giving it a try though!

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