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Hey guys!  First of all – this week is kicking my butt.  Big time.  We just got back from a trip, my daughter is off from school this week and we are currently interviewing contractors for our upcoming renovation.  So – blogging and diy have been tough to fit in this week.  I am in the process of making my own blackout curtains but before I show them to you I am waiting for my clip rings to be delivered.  Hurry up, clip rings!  In the meantime, I thought I would show you some beautiful faux plants around our house.  Faux Real?  Yes – and I always wanted to say that.  🙂

I’ve actually turned into quite a real plant lady.  I love the easy ones that purify the air.  Because who doesn’t want cleaner air?  You can check out some of my favorite real houseplants here.  

I also love just snipping some real greens from the ol’ yard.

However, I also love a good faux plant when it looks really real.

Like, really real.

Really, really really real.

I’ve had a lot of bad faux plant pas in my days.  Never again.  I think that we’ve come a long way from the grandma style faux flowers that just sit there in all their plastic glory collecting dust.  There are some really good ones out there now!  I tend to stay away from real plasticky looking flowers and greens.

So, in our living room, I generally keep our side table here pretty simple and bare bones.  Anything I put on this table will inevitably be picked up and played with by my kids so I have to be careful with what I put here.

See that string of pearls in the terra cotta pot there?  It’s FAKE!

And it’s cheap.

But not cheap looking.  In my opinion.  I took a chance on it and I was really amazed how real it looks and how nice it feels.  It’s more rubbery than plastic.

I picked up this faux string of pearls on Amazon.

I love how the strings are long enough to drape over the sides of your vase or pot.

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

Here is a closer look at it!

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

Faux succulents are some of the easiest to fake because they look fake to begin with.  I have another fake succulent one on our mantel.

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

You can add that pop of green right where you need it.  Even if that means its up on a high shelf where you could never water it or its sitting in a low light condition.

Have a little dish or pot sitting empty?

Throw a faux succulent in it!  No one will ever know.  Promise.  (By the way – you can make that little vintage looking gold rimmed dish there).

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

Just for comparison sake – I added a real zebra succulent here. They look pretty similar to me and this is a close up too.  This one is from World Market.  They have a great selection of faux succulents.  And they are super affordable!

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

Our entry table is pretty simple too – but I like it that way.  (Here’s some additional entryway inspiration for you, by the way.)

That’s faux eucalyptus in the vase there.

This eucalyptus is from Pottery Barn.  I am working on those branches.  The stems on these eucalyptus branches come really long and I am afraid to cut them yet so I just bent them into submission.  Ideally, I would get an opaque vase where only the greens are visible and the stems are hidden.

Trust me though  – these are some of the most real looking eucalyptus I’ve seen.  Afloral also has a great selection of faux eucalyptus.

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

Finally, for spring – I like to add a pop of color.  Usually, I try to snip something from the backyard.  But sometimes I also just like a single bud in a vase.

The problem with that?

It doesn’t last through the whole season.

I was at Michael’s a while ago and I was impressed with some of their florals.  They have that “real feel” to them.  This pink flower feels like the real thing!

I put it in a little bud vase and set it up in our hall bath – which is notoriously dark.  It just adds that pop of color that was so needed.

I couldn’t find the exact one I bought but I found something similar .  I would suggest you go to Michael’s and look at them and feel them.  Some of theirs are really good and some are really really bad.  So it pays to visit them in person.

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

I couldn’t end this post without also showing you one of my large faux plants.  This faux aloe is from Target and I’ve seen it everywhere on various blogs!  I keep it high on the shelf and away from discerning eyes.  The overall shape is nice and I love the green color to it.  I bought this a while back and I couldn’t find it online but I found this faux snake plant which I might even like a little more!

Beautiful Faux Plants that Look Real

So, the moral of this post is:  Don’t be afraid to go with these beautiful faux plants.  They really have come a long way and I think they are going to continue to get better and better.

Thanks so much as always for reading and visiting the blog!  xo Karen

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