Beautiful Summer Farm Tour

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Hello there!  I’m back from my travels with some inspirational photos for you.   I hope you enjoy this summer farm tour as much as I did.

Adirondack Chairs with Tire Swing

This is the home of my sister and brother in law, my three nephews, their two golden doodles and their brood of hens.  They bought the property a couple years ago after falling in love with the countryside location.  It’s private, peaceful and oozing with charm.   They have been slowly fixing up the place every year, ensuring they stay true to the original farmhouse charm.

The farm is situated at the end of a long secluded driveway.  They have a beautiful red barn which is located on a little hill towards the wooded section of the 14 acre farm.

Some large trees were taken down to take in more of this breathtaking view.  A large garden filled with fresh vegetables sits in front of the barn.  Wooden posts with tall chicken wire attached keep out the deer that are always roaming the property.

They installed a tire swing which is always a hit with the three boys!

Another new addition?  Hens!  My sister and brother in law purchased a clutch of chicks just this past year.  They quickly grew to be a beautiful and friendly brood of hens.  Right now, they provide about 8 eggs per day.  They also help to keep the tick population down which I found interesting.

And something else that surprised me – they love people.  They will peck lightly at your feet and follow you around.  They love to be petted.  And they love to be fed grass too!

They have a large tarp set up on their coop to provide shade outside and a fan gives them a cool breeze in the coop when they need it.

At night, the chicken coop is set up on a timer to automatically close.  They are trained to be in their coop before closing time.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

Enjoy the rest of the tour!

Summer Farm Tour

Long Driveway
Red Barn
Kids running with dogs
Red Barn - Farm Tour
Tire Swing hanging from tree
Farmhouse Summer Tour

Farmhouse with flag
Wildflowers in a field farm
Flowers spilling out from a planter
Chicken Coop
Black Chickens
Black Chickens
Black Chickens

Coming back from vacation is always mad crazy for us – but I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things with you.

Thanks for visiting with me today!

xo Karen

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