Before the Renovation: Our Current Home Tour

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We only have a few weeks left before they start construction on our home. I took some time to snap a few photographs so you could guys could get a good idea of our current home set up.  I can’t wait to show you the progress and the after (although it’s gonna take about 6 months).

One of the things you guys shared with me through my reader survey is that you want to see more of my home and renovation.  And I’m so happy to share it with you!


We have not touched our kitchen since we moved in.  It’s smaller than our previous kitchen but I have become used to that.  I’ve really learned how to maximize drawer space, declutter and use every nook and cranny of this kitchen. 

This whole room will be completely different! 

Those windows will be replaced with a large accordion door.  In fact, this room won’t be our kitchen anymore.  I’m looking forward to more cooking space and a bigger sink – two things on my kitchen wishlist right now.  And I won’t miss that backsplash one bit. 🙂

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

Here’s the view from our kitchen to our dining room.

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour
Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

We used an old IKEA island that the previous owners had left here as our kitchen coffee bar area.  It’s broken!  And the drawers up top were missing! 

You can see the little blue tracks on the side that were meant for drawers.  I found teeny tiny little baskets that fit in there.  It’s not perfect, but it’s been working for us. 

We hung those wooden shelves up and I’m really hoping we can find space for them with the renovation.

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

The kitchen is located right off the back deck.  The blue rug there is machine washable!

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

Here’s our dining room which will become our kitchen.  I know it’s hard to imagine.  But it’s going to be a large galley style kitchen.  Very open!  Unfortunately, we have to get rid of some furniture – including that dining room buffet table there.

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

So just imagine a big room completely open from this angle!  Those cabinet walls will come down.  I don’t mind a few open cabinets – but when they are all open like that – my brain starts to go on clutter overload. 

I actually prefer open shelving to open cabinets.  I think my brain processes it as neater looking.  Our table has never been centered under the light – my son and daughter have run into it so many times that it wasn’t worth having it centered anymore.

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

Not much will change in our living room other than the floors and the paint color.  I love our little window next to our big window.  The gas fireplace was another little project we completed this past year.  I’m so glad we went with white birch logs!

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

Here’s a little peek into our home from the front door.  The stairs to the upstairs are behind the sofa.  We are going to open up the staircase and install a pretty banister.

Is it weird that I’m already thinking about hanging wreaths and a garland from it around Christmas time?  🙂

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

I love the view from our front porch.  So many beautiful trees!

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

We put this Trex deck in last year.  It’s by far been the best improvement we have made to the house.  We use the deck almost every day.  It’s a second living room for us.  The deck is staying, but the siding will change – it’s going to be navy!  And the wall behind the couch there will be where our accordion doors are.  So we will have to do some furniture rearranging.

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

To finish this up – I’m giving you a little peek at our roses.  They went a little crazy this year.  I haven’t had the time to pin some of the canes to the trellis.

And oh boy – our grass grows pretty quick here.

Before the Renovation : Our Current Home Tour

So our renovation includes :

  • New kitchen with dry bar installation
  • New hardwood floors
  • New painted walls
  • new siding
  • Open up the staircase
  • Set of new folding doors!
  • Our bedroom is changing – we are knocking the closet down a bit to leave space for a desk area. 

Of course, I’m most excited about the design and decorating the new space.  Thanks for visiting here today!

I’ll be in touch with you guys soon!

xo Karen

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