My Top 4 Washable Kitchen Rug Brands

kitchen rug runner - in post, the best kitchen rugs

How can you instantly improve the look of your kitchen? It can be as easy as slapping down a good kitchen rug. But there are some things to consider, so today we are talking all about the best kitchen rugs.

This post covers the essentials: why your kitchen needs a rug, a curated list of the best kitchen rugs, and practical tips for choosing the right one.

Ready to learn? Let’s get started.

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Why you should invest in a kitchen rug

We’re here to state the obvious: a kitchen is incomplete without a rug. 

kitchen rug runner - in post, the best kitchen rugs
Ruggable Celestine Rug

A kitchen rug doesn’t just add style to your kitchen, it also makes standing on the floor more comfortable. No more sore feet after a long day of cooking or cleaning. The rug creates a soft, cushioned surface that makes your feet feel great.

In addition to their good looks, area rugs can also protect your floors from spills, stains, and wear. They act as a barrier between your shoes and the floor, keeping dirt and moisture off those precious hardwoods! This can help extend the life of your flooring and make cleanup easier.

kitchen rug runner - in post, the best kitchen rugs

For example, say you spill a drink on your floor, the rug will absorb the liquid and prevent it from seeping into the wood or carpet. This will make it easier to clean up the spill and prevent damage to your flooring.  (The cleanup is even easier if you opt for a washable rug, like a Ruggable, and more on that in a minute.) 

Rugs can also help organize your kitchen by visually defining different areas, like cooking, dining, and prep spaces. Which is somewhat essential in today’s world of open concept living. They also add warmth and coziness, making your kitchen a more inviting space for family and guests.

dog laying on a rug

Plus, If your kitchen echoes, a rug can help absorb sound, reducing noise levels and making the space more pleasant.

Do you need a rug in the kitchen?

Although kitchen rugs may not be deemed essential, their advantages far outweigh any drawbacks. Considering both the visual appeal and practical benefits that I’ve mentioned above, it’s clear that the pros of having a kitchen rug outweigh any potential cons to having one.

Shoppable List of the Best Kitchen Rugs 

Here’s some of my favorite kitchen rugs! The best kitchen rugs are: comfortable, easy to maintain (washable), and hide spills and stains. These rugs we’ve hand selected are all in runner sizes (*most* are machine washable), and come from my favorite rug brands;

I would just keep in mind that not all these rugs are non slip or come with a pad (Ruggable and Tumble do) – you might have to purchase those separately depending on the brand.

350 - Decor Hint
Tumble Rugs Olivia Ash - best kitchen rugs
Tumble Olivia Runner in Ash
Genevieve Forest Runner - best kitchen runners
Tumble Rug Runner – Genevieve

Practical Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Rug

Here’s some tips for choosing the perfect kitchen rug.  

→ How to Choose the Best Size Rug

Choosing the right size rug is crucial for a balanced look. Measure the space accurately, considering the area’s purpose. I say go big or go home.  A bigger rug defines the kitchen space, making it look even larger. 

kitchen rug runner - in post, the best kitchen rugs

For islands or in front of sinks, opt for long runners, such as a 2×6 or 2×10 (or even 2×12!) ft rug. For a large open space in the center of the kitchen, look at a 5×7 or 6×9.  A rug that fits just right enhances the overall aesthetics.  

→ Washable Rugs for the Win

I say look at washables and nothing else.  Unless you are royalty.  Look, life happens in the kitchen, and spills are inevitable. Also for some reason dogs like to barf on rugs, not on hardwood floors. 

dog laying on a rug

Opt for machine washable rugs, and lucky for you I have a whole list of the best.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to know that whatever happens to our kitchen runner; I can just throw it right in the wash when needed. 

And speaking of rug materials; Consider the traffic in the area. If the rug will be in a high-traffic area, choose a durable material that can withstand wear and tear.

→ Add Non Slip, Cushy Rug Padding

Think about adding rug padding for more than just a comfy feel—it helps reduce fatigue when you’re standing for long periods. It also prevents your rug from slipping out of place.  No one wants to see Aunt Edna slipping and breaking a hip in your kitchen on Christmas Day.  My favorite Ruggables now come with a cushioned, non-slip rug pad for just this purpose.  

→ Choose Colors and Patterns that Complement Your Kitchen

Pick colors and patterns that go well with your kitchen’s color scheme. Think about neutral tones for a more subtle look or bold patterns for a statement rug. 

kitchen counter decorating ideas, showing a leaf print, red dutch oven and cutting boards on gray kitchen counters with a white tile backsplash

And don’t be afraid to mix and match. If your kitchen has a neutral color scheme, a vibrant rug can be the focal point. Conversely, in a kitchen with colorful cabinets, opt for a more understated rug to balance the visual appeal.  It’s all about balance, my friends. 

Final Thoughts on Kitchen Rugs

We find the best kitchen rugs seamlessly blend comfort, low maintenance, and practicality. Picture this: a rug that not only feels like a gentle hug underfoot but is also a breeze to keep clean with its washable design.

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect kitchen rug, prioritize comfort, easy maintenance, and the ability to keep those accidental spills under wraps. Your kitchen floor deserves nothing but the best!

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