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entryway with rustic green bench

A roundup of my favorite Home & Garden inspiration – the best of Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to go for inspiration.

It’s a great way to discover your true style, just by analyzing the images you pin (almost subconsciously) over and over again. You are making a mood board in your brain!

In fact, a lot of times, just like Instagram, I tend to make a split-second design on what I like and either double tap or pin it immediately.

I wanted a space on my blog to re-share the images that are inspiring me so much. Perhaps they will do the same for you! Check back on this post as I often add new images here periodically.

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Best of Pinterest – What’s Inspiring Me now

Snake Plant Pair

Snake Plants in Living Room

I love love love the look of this snake plant pair. All it takes is two different-sized snake plants and you can create a little moment in your living room. That basket is so pretty too! Check out Dream Green DIY for more …

Plunge Pool Greatness

Outdoor Pool off of a deck

So technically, I’m not sure if this is a plunge pool. But it sure looks like one and it is so inviting. I love the brick surround on the patio! My hubby and I are actually considering installing a plunge pool in our tiny backyard here in Seattle. Are we crazy? Yes. Will it look amazing? Yes. I’m sure it’s a few years off though!

Check out Homes to Love for more!

The Big Chill

Kitchen Stove - La Cornue

Is this one of the prettiest kitchen ranges you’ve ever seen? This is The Big Chill Classic Stove. This whole kitchen was part of a One Room Challenge completed by one of my favorite designers ever – House of Jade Interiors.

Cozy Kitchen Nook

Dining Kitchen Nook
Coco Kelley

I love everything about this cozy kitchen nook. Those caned chairs, the vintage rug. It’s so pretty and inviting.

Vintage Dresser

Bedroom Design - Vintage Dresser

I have to admit that when I saw this beautiful dresser, it immediately reminded me of my late grandfather. He had one almost exactly like this with those large wooden knobs. Oh, how I wish I would have saved it. The Grit and Polish is one of my favorite blogs and I love their casual rustic style.

Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Design

I saw this Kitchen circulating on Instagram and then saw it again on Pinterest. It’s clear – the Universe wants me to share this beauty. I can’t decide my favorite – that blue set of cabinets in the back OR this beautiful rug runner!

See more at Jean Stoffer Design.

Beautiful Porch

porch with tiled floors

Another one by Jean Stoffer Design! I love all the texture and pattern in this room, from the tiled floors to the rattan chairs and all the organic greenery. It’s such a beautiful room!

See more at Jean Stoffer Design.

Lush Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Spaces - Ivy Growing on Home

Thanks to Coco Cozy for sharing this wonderful outdoor oasis. All I can say is – if growing Ivy is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Unique Ceiling

Bedroom Design - Black Painted Ceiling

This bedroom is so colorful and pretty. But what got me was that black painted ceiling! Of course, you can do that in a room with ceilings this high. That pendant light fixture pops against that black ceiling. See more at Janet Mallory Designs.

Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Design - Amber Interiors

This bathroom caught my eye and the eye of thousands of more people. It’s been shared a TON. Love how it’s neutral but not all white. Amber Interiors does it again!

Vintage Artwork

kitchen with vintage wall art

Well, it might be obvious why this kitchen immediately stole my heart. That vintage artwork, of course! It’s a beautiful, rustic space and by one of my favorite designers; Lauren Liess. Photography by Helen Norman.

Cottage Core Dining Room

cottage core dining room

Have you heard of cottage core before? It’s my new favorite word to type into google search. It’s basically a romantic version of farm life. Or at least, that’s my definition of it. This dining room checked a lot of boxes for me – the overall vibe really stole my heart. Design by Rachel Halverson.

Thoughtful moment

Best of Pinterst - shiplap walls next to fireplace

Some say Shiplap is going out of style – but I don’t see how it ever could. This space, although just a glimpse of a corner, is so much my style. Minimal, but cozy, with those warm wood tones. I love the vintage touches; the copper bucket for firewood and those candle holders. It’s a very thoughtful moment. Source: Unknown

Shelfie Style

bookcase filled with books and art
Image by Hunker

This photo is one good example of how my style has changed (or how I thought I loved one style, but really loved another.) I used to pin those images of perfectly styled, minimal bookcases and open shelving. Only to realize that what I was actually gravitating towards was real-life bookcases filled with treasures and books and more casually arranged.

What camp do you fall in?

Checkerboard Floors

brown checkerboard floors in bathroom

How do you feel about checkerboard? I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately and it’s really got me. Now I’m scheming about adding this to my laundry room. (hahaha – evil laugh). But in all seriousness; how pretty is this bathroom by Gil Schafer? If you love inspiration like this, you should check out his book.

Rustic entryway

entryway with rustic green bench

Everything about this entryway is perfect to me. I just love love love that green bench! And on my list of to-dos is framing a piece of a beloved piece of fabric or a quilt. What a great way to create art. Source: Architectural Digest.

Sage Green and red

cottage style home - best of Pinterest - images that inspire me now.  Lobster and Swan

That rug! Those chairs! That sage green trim! Love it all and it feels very casual – I love rooms like this. See more at Lobster and Swan.

Amongst the Flowers

outdoor table and floral landscaping

I’ve been pinning a lot of lush landscapes lately and I think it’s because our yard is very barren at the moment. When you move into a new construction home, you have a lot of grass and a lot of baby plants. I’m longing for those mature plantings and trees. This looks like a perfect place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. See more of this beautiful space at AirBnB.

Vintage Dresser

old dresser and floral drapes

Can you tell I’m a real sucker for those vintage dressers with the big knobs? To me, if I can ever score one of those when I’m thrifting, well, that would be the ultimate score in my book. Source: Lonny Magazine.

That about rounds it up – for now. I hope you guys found inspiration here! 🙂

xo Karen

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