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Check out these budget friendly patio decor ideas!  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for that summer weather.  I found a few inexpensive and stylish outdoor decor items that will whip your patio into shape in no time.  These are from some of my favorite stores.  You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune here on stuff that may take a beating outdoors!  After all, it will live outside mostly so it needs to be durable and cheap.  In my opinion.

I was actually browsing online and I came across this patio owned by Julianne Hough.  I am really drawn to the mixture of blue, black and white color scheme with the all the textured accents.  I’m totally inspired by this!

lonny living / photos by Justin Coit

To see more of her great outdoor space – go to this lonny living article.

Budget Friendly Patio Decor ideas

  1.  Lighting:  I still love the look of these cafe lights on an outdoor patio.  I think they kick things up a notch.
  2. Garden Stool – I love these!  You can use them as a footstool or little side table.  After summer?  Bring them indoors!
  3. Blue Striped Rug –  I think Target has some of the best deals on outdoor rugs.  Well, they are good deals and they are super stylish! This one is on my wishlist. 
  4. These gorgeous outdoor pillows by Hearth and Han will add so much texture to your outside spaces!
  5. Planter – a few of these planters in varied sizes do the trick.  They are good to fill in a corner or add height where you need it.  You can always plant a year-round plant in them, like boxwood.  I love how these look aged.  Plus – I’m always partial to terra cotta.
  6. Umbrella – I always think every outdoor space needs some sort of shade.  Whether it is a large tree, a pergola or a free-standing umbrella, they all work. 
  7. Throw – A cozy, affordable throw for those cool summer nights by the chiminea.  What’s most important to me?  That it’s washable.  You won’t believe how many throws are spot clean only.  Whaaaa?  This one is inexpensive, in a cool pattern and washable.  Check, check and check.

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