Updating your cabinet hardware is one of the easiest ways to give your home more character and personality.  Unfortunately, they can cost a painfully small fortune when you add up the amount you’ll need for an entire kitchen, plus additional bathrooms.  Not anymore because today I’m highlighting my favorite places to buy cheap cabinet knobs and pulls. 

Stores like Rejuvenation, Signature Hardware and Anthropologie are out of the budget for me (unless I need just 1 or 2), and that’s what forced me to find the lookalike versions elsewhere.  And guess what?  NOBODY CAN TELL A DANG DIFFERENCE. 

kitchen counter decorating ideas, showing a leaf print, red dutch oven and cutting boards on gray kitchen counters with a white tile backsplash
Amazon Matte Black Hardware

Take it from someone who has gone the expensive route (on our last renovation) and then the cheaper one – I honestly couldn’t tell aside from maybe the weight but who cares.  So save yourself a couple hundred bucks and use that money on something you really want, or save it for a rainy day.  

Here’s my favorite places to snag beautiful, affordable hardware.


Amazon is by far and away my favorite place for good, affordable cabinet hardware.  A lot of their hardware is sold in packs of 10 or more, so the price is really economical because you can get them all in one fell swoop.  Plus, there’s no worrying about not having enough cabinet knobs in stock that you need (which was an issue when we were renovating).  They have some very beautiful sleek and modern pulls, as well as some vintage ones.  We have the popular Ravinte knobs and pulls in our kitchen currently. You can shop these and more below!

ReStore / Thrift

My second favorite place to shop is not really shopping at all – it’s thrifting.  In fact, I was able to score ten of these beautiful brass knobs for Hannah’s Target dresser from our local Restore – for like 50 cents a piece!  It’s definitely worth a look.  These are usually hiding out on the shelves among the other hardware stuff.  

Close up of thrifted cabinet knobs.  
Close up of thrifted cheap cabinet knobs.  

Home Depot / Lowes

Another favorite of mine, especially for grabbing those large wooden knobs for dressers that I love so much.  You can get these 2 in a pack and they are less than a pack of gum!  Then, just stain or paint them any color you want, or keep them natural.  Although I do love Amazon, sometimes it’s helpful to bring an old knob into the store so you can make sure you are getting exactly the right size you need.  

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is just a fun shop to look for unique hardware.  If you want a cow head knob, or more decorative knobs – this should be your go-to.  Sometimes we only need a few and we want to make them memorable!


Walmart is like Amazon, with good prices and value packs available.  I really like their Better Homes and Gardens line as well as a line called Hickory Hardware.  You mostly have to order online though.  


This is probably last on my list, but still worth mentioning.  Every now and again you can find something pretty at Target – especially with Hearth and Hand (usually not in bulk, however).  Target offers a hardware line called Unique Bargains that has some pretty knobs and pulls, and these are available online for decent prices.  

Shop These Cheap Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Where to Buy Cheap Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

With these affordable cabinet hardware choices – you’ll be changing out those knobs in no time!  And more importantly, making a home YOUR home, with your personality on it.  And that’s always a good thing.  

Where to Buy Cheap Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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