As the season changes to warmer days and longer evenings, I start turning to this favorite cold brew green tea recipe. I live in the South, and we take our iced tea very seriously down here. I don’t care how cliche that sounds. This iced tea is refreshing as heck.

Cold Brewing makes it easy to enjoy crisp, fresh iced tea on the daily. No water to boil. No fear of bitter-tasting or cloudy tea. Cold Brewing takes care of all that.

cold brew green tea
Cold Brew Green Tea

Tips for Perfect Cold Brew Green Tea

Use Enough Tea Bags: I like strong tea, so I use one tea bag for every cup of water when cold brewing. I’ve learned that it’s best to adjust the steeping time, not the amount of tea bags. You can also use loose-leaf tea (2 tsp per cup) if you want.

Use the Right Vessel: It should be airtight so your tea doesn’t taste like the garlic chicken you made last night for dinner. I love my Takeya Iced Tea Maker. It’s a two qt pitcher made of durable material, it seals well, and it has a fine mesh strainer for holding your tea and easy removal once it’s done brewing.

Cold Brew Green Tea Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Brew Time: 3-12 hours

Serving Size: 2 quarts.


  • 8 tea bags of Green Tea (or loose-leaf tea)
  • 8 cups of fresh, filtered water
  • Optional Add-ins: Simple Syrup, Honey, Sugar, Mint, Sliced Lemon, Sliced Peaches, etc.


  1. Fill your container with 8 cups of cool filtered water.
  2. Add eight tea bags to the water or strainer and cover. I usually rip the little paper off the string before adding.
  3. Allow the tea to brew anywhere from 2 – 6 hours in the Refrigerator. You can start checking around the 3-hour mark and remove the tea bags once it reaches your optimum flavor. Once you know the optimal brew time, replicating for future brews is easy.
  4. After it’s finished brewing, remove the tea bags and toss in any add-ins/sweeteners. I use simple syrup, honey or just drink it plain.
  5. Enjoy!
cold brew green tea
How to Make Cold Brew Green Tea

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