Craft Projects

Here are the latest craft projects from Decor Hint. All you need to do is pick a project. Oh, and have fun!


If you can sew, you can do anything! Ok, well maybe not everything. But sewing is such a valuable skill. Browse these sewing projects and make things like pillow covers, bench cushions, kids decor and more.


Want to try Macrame? This is your year! Start with my tutorial for basic knots, and once you got those knots down – the sky’s the limit on the things you can make. Check out Macrame projects for the beginner to see what kinds of things you can make.

Explore More Crafts

Rainy Day? Snow Day? Need to entertain the kids? Want to get crafty this weekend? Here are all those fun, easy to do, rainy day craft projects for you. Invite your friends over and make it a craft party.