Happy post Holidays and New Years!

This time of year is usually very reflective for me. It’s where I finally find time to relax! Santa has come and gone, entertaining and parties are long over and I can breathe a bit and collect my thoughts.

With that, of course, comes lots of home magazine reading and internet browsing. And since our renovation is just wrapping up here, it’s a good time for us to think about how we want to decorate our new digs.

Here are a few design styles that I’ll be embracing for this next year (er, hope to be). I’ve been so inspired by what I’m seeing out there and I’m excited for what’s to come in 2019.

Design Trends in 2019
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Moody and Dusty Hues

When we started this renovation, I was pretty adamant about having white walls. We had been living with these ugly, uninspiring beige walls for so long that I wanted to be as rebellious as I could against that color. Blek!

Design Trends in 2019
Amber Interiors

Plus – it didn’t escape me that I’ve been completely brainwashed by white walls this past year. I mean, they are EVERYWHERE. In every gorgeous interior Instagram post, plastered on the pages of Arch Digest and in the online portfolios of many popular designers out there.

This is starting to sound like I dislike white walls, and no – I actually love them and we did indeed paint our walls white! Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace to be exact. But we also changed up the plan a bit and added a few accent walls here and there full of rich colors, like deep grays and navy blues. I also really love the warmth that comes with those dusty pinks and peaches and terra cottas. (Plus, if you’ve been a reader here for a while, you know my obsession with terra cotta planters.)

While I love white walls, I also think they can be sterile and dull and flat looking in certain spaces where natural light is lacking. Most of our rooms (fortunately) get flooded with light during the day so I ended up head over heels in LOVE with the look of our white walls (my hubby is slowly coming on board 😬). It did surprise me though how much I love adding accent walls with these moody hues and I definitely want to embrace more of that trend with the rest of our house in the new year. And it’s something different from the whole white walls thing.

Vintage Accents

Design Trends in 2019
Country Living

I don’t think I’ll ever turn away a good home bargain at HomeGoods or Target or Amazon, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate a one of a kind, vintage decor piece with a story. Whether it’s a thrift-ed find, a family heirloom, or something unique bought on Etsy, these pieces can be truly mesmerizing and bring that certain something to your rooms. I just love the juxtaposition of the old meeting with the new! For me personally, since I try very hard to stick to a budget, I’m going to try to re-purpose those older items we have and make a point of visiting more thrift stores this next year for those interesting finds.

Crazy Beautiful Textiles

Design Trends in 2019
Greige Design

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a sucker for gorgeous textiles. I think I officially fell in love when we started seeing more of those tribal, Moroccan fabrics everywhere. They are just…so…dang…pretty. I really want to add more of these amazing textiles to each and every room of my home this year, through pillows, throws, and rugs.


Design Trends in 2019
Rock my Style

Speaking of falling in love, I also fell really hard for these peel and stick wallpapers this year. I already have a few plans to incorporate some wallpaper in my laundry room, guest bathroom and Hannah’s room. There’s no stopping me with the wallpaper!

Gallery Walls

Design Trends in 2019
Bria Hammel Interiors

Admittedly, I’ve never really loved gallery walls in the past. They looked too busy and cluttered to me. Some of them even looked kind of cheap and junky. But lately, I’m really loving the effect a good gallery wall can bring to your room. Plus, you don’t have to pick and choose your favorite art, you can pretty much have it all within reason ( as long as your art isn’t clashing).

My hubby and I have discussed adding a gallery wall to our sons’ room and maybe even around our tv in the living room. Who knows! But I think a gallery wall will make it somewhere in our house this next year😁.


Design Trends in 2019
Leclair Decor

I think this is always something I’ll be striving for. Warmth. Wood tones. Cozy textures. Aged Leather. Woven Textiles. WARMTH. Every room needs some more warmth. Especially when you have white walls! 😁.

What design trends will you be embracing in 2019?

Design Trends in 2019

Karen Sloan

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