DIY Aged Terra Cotta pots: Faux but Still Fabulous

I’ll show you how to make DIY aged terra cotta pots using some paint and a cheap Dollar Store item.

DIY Aged Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are one of the loves of my life.

Yes, I know. It’s a strong statement about a basic clay pot. Terra cotta is not only beautiful but it can be totally changed into something entirely different. Every year I add a few new ones to my collection. If I happen to see one in an interesting shape I snatch it up immediately.

The weathered ones are especially my favorite. Every room needs a bit of history, whether it’s real or not. These faux aged pots are a great way to pepper your rooms with character. And you don’t even have to use real plants! You can pot faux plants in them that look just as good as the real thing.

On their own, terra cotta clay pots can be a bit too orange. That’s why this faux aged project is so useful. It tones down that orangey look and it also makes the pot look more antique and full of character. To be honest, I like and appreciate both looks (the weathered and too-orange ones). I like to mix it up around here!

As with most of my projects, I made this as simple and straightforward as possible. This project is quick! I was quite surprised how little time you need for this.

You’ll only need a few materials to get this done. In fact, most of these items can be ordered through Amazon or picked up at the Dollar Store.

Easy and inexpensive? Now you’re speaking my love language …

Before you begin, it’s helpful to look at photos of aged pots. You can easily copy the look this way. My favorite sites for gardening inspiration are Better Homes and Gardens, Gardenista and Martha Stewart. And of course, there’s always good ol’ Pinterest.

Here’s what you Need

You’ll also want a cup for mixing the paint with a little water. I used a plastic one (a roadie cup, if you will) to make clean up easier.

DIY Aged Terra Cotta Pots

Time to get started. Follow these 4 easy steps to achieve those weathered clay pots you’ve always wanted.

  1. Pour a little tiny bit of chalk paint in a dish or cup and mix it with water. A little bit of paint goes a long way! If you added too much water, then just add more paint. You can’t really mess this up.
  2. Using your paintbrush, paint a bit of the watered-down chalk paint on your pots. If you find the paint is too harsh or bright, just thin it out with some more water.
  3. Grab your sponge and start dabbing at the chalk paint. It should start to look more blotchy and less “painted”. The sponge helps achieve this look naturally. You don’t want to see any brush strokes in the final result.
  4. Continue to follow steps 2 and 3 until around the pot until you are satisfied with the results.

Let your terra cotta pot dry and then pot your favorite plant (real or faux). It’s really that easy! From start to finish, this project took me about 15 minutes.

How will this help your decor?

Every room needs a pop of nature. Whether that’s some flowers, greenery or some interesting sticks from the yard (yes, those can work too). Nature brings a space to life.

If something feels off with your decor, or your room needs a pick-me-up, try adding a weathered clay pot.

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This one below brought my black and white kitchen back to life. I also like the idea of a smaller clay pot on a high shelf, with some sort of drapey plant that spills over the edge of the shelf.

What can I say, I like drama.

Faux aged pots with string of pearls plant
Faux terra cotta pot with jade plant

I hope you feel inspired to pull those old clay pots out of your potting sheds. Don’t give up on them. They can turn out so lovely with just a little paint.

And a sponge. 🙂

Have fun with this one!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today,

xo Karen