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A simple DIY front door wreath made with preserved plume grasses.  

This wreath is so easy to make, I hesitated to even post about it.  

So, if anything, I hope this “tutorial” gives you some inspiration for using what you have to make something pretty. 

Because I didn’t have to buy anything new to make this wreath.  I raided my craft closet to see what I could quickly put together.  I reused stuff I already had. And you should, too!

green wreath on a gray front door with a linen ribbon

In the past, I used to run out and buy everything new from a store. 

But now I stop and think a minute.  

Do I already have something that could work here?  

Could I make this on my own cheaper than I could buy it?

Do I want to make this on my own?

Most of the time the answer is yes.  Starting a DIY blog has given me the confidence to try making things I never thought I would.  I’m like that guy in the Progressive commercial with the chainsaw juggler.  “I got this.”  

That’s my hope with this blog.  To encourage and inspire you to tap into that creative spirit you have!  And yes you have one! I guarantee it. We all have one and the more we use it, the more creative it becomes.  

close up of a diy front door wreath with a linen ribbon

Alright, I went off on a little tangent there. 

Let’s get to this simple DIY wreath, shall we?  

Things You’ll Need (and maybe have already!)  

Afloral is a great place to get faux and dried/preserved botanicals.  A while back, I had purchased these dried plume grasses to put in a vase.  But since the move, I haven’t used them again and they were just sitting in my craft closet.  I couldn’t let these beauties go to waste.  

You can also try Michael’s and Amazon.  I have a post coming up soon on faux plants/flowers from Amazon. 

Guys! They are getting better and better.  Even with my crazy eagle eyes.  I really don’t like anything that doesn’t look really, really ridiculously real.  (name that movie.)

How to Create a Simple DIY Front Door Wreath

I reused the grapevine wreath I had up there before.  I removed all the faux flowers and greens that were on it.  So start with a plain grapevine wreath if you can.  

green wreath on a gray front door with a linen ribbon

Then, wedge your botanicals/faux plants/preserved grasses into the wreath.  I made sure that they were tucked in there pretty good so they wouldn’t fall off. 

If you find that your botanicals are too floppy, you can use some floral wire to secure them.  

I like wreaths that follow a fan-like pattern, so I arranged the grasses like this all the way around. It doesn’t bother me that it’s not symmetrical and perfect.  I kind of like the organic, wispy look to it where things are splayed out this way and that.  

diy green wreath on a gray front door with a red rug in the foyer

To finish off the wreath, try tying some simple ribbon to your wreath hanger.  It’s like the cherry on top.  Here’s how I hang my wreaths by the way.   

I didn’t have any ribbon so I made my own.  I cut a small strip of linen fabric from my craft stash.  I kept the edges of the “ribbon” frayed for a more whimsical look.  

And that’s it!  

I love the way this DIY wreath looks with our Hearth and Hand doormat.  And hopefully, this wreath will take me through September all the way up to Halloween.  I could probably even use it around Christmas if I change out the ribbon.  

[Don’t get me wrong, buying wreaths can be a lot of fun as well, so be sure to check out my roundup of beautiful fall wreaths.]

So let’s get creative this weekend!  Take one of your old wreaths out of storage and see what you can do with it.  It doesn’t take much to create (or recreate) a beautiful wreath.  

I have a very special DIY wreath planned for Halloween – so stay tuned.  And make sure you keep that grapevine wreath.  

Xo Karen