36 Incredible DIY Home Decor Projects you Can’t Resist trying

DIY Home Decor Ideas

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Here’s an epic list of trendy DIY home décor and DIY Crafts you can make yourself. Let’s be honest; shopping for home goods can be expensive. You’ll find that many of these projects are perfect for beginners and budget-friendly too.

The following DIY home decor projects are:

  • Inexpensive – no crazy hardware store supplies.
  • Easy (most can be done in a couple of hours or less and include links to step-by-step tutorials)
  • Inspirational (once you finish one project, you’ll want to try more)

You’ll find plenty here to keep you busy. Without further ado, let’s get into these easy DIY projects!

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1. Antique Mirror

distressed antique mirror in a dining room - DIY Home Decor you can complete in a weekend!

Turn any picture frame into a beautiful antique mirror with just two materials. Watching the transformation is so amazing that you’ll want to do this more than once. Want to transform an existing mirror like the one in our dining room here? Follow this tutorial for distressing a mirror.

2. Aged Vase

close up of an old jug, sitting on the floor next to a brown wood chairfind out how to turn any vase into a old relic

Those old pottery vases can be hard to find and expensive to purchase. But with this DIY aged vase project, you can turn any vase or pot into something old and beautiful. I used Home Depot planters to make the one you see here.

3. Farmhouse Coat Rack

Entryway with a diy farmhouse coat rack. There is a wreath and shawl hanging from the coat rack.

These diy farmhouse coat racks are not only pretty – they are super practical. Buying nice, beautiful hooks is the trick to getting them to look great. Not necessarily expensive ones, just ones that look more expensive or have some character. This tutorial shows you where I bought these old rusty iron hooks.

4. Paint your Furniture

rustoleum milk paint in eclipse on a sideboard decorated in a dining room

Want to breathe new life into a piece of furniture? All it takes is some paint! In this tutorial, I show you how to paint a piece of furniture step-by-step. You can also check out this milk paint review for more inspiration.

5. Entryway Table

DIY black wood Entry Table Decorated with a round mirror on top

Entry tables make for a welcoming entrance and a great place for a lamp, greenery, and seasonal decor. This entry table tutorial was made entirely from 2x4s and stained rich black.

6. Rustic Bench

Entryway with bench - Shop our Home - Decorhint.com 

Less than ten bucks in wood will give you this adorable diy rustic bench. It’s perfect for creating a little moment in your home!

7. Abstract Artwork

DIY Spackle Art - an inexpensive way to get abstract art up on your walls.  Full tutorial for spackle art in post.

Did you know you can create abstract art with spackle? with just a can of spackle? This project is fun, inexpensive, and allows your inner artist to come through. Feel free to add some acrylic or spray paint on top for a bit of color, or keep it white for a more modern look.

8. Pillow Covers

DIY Outdoor Pillows - Inexpensive and Easy Method for Making Outdoor Throw Pillows

Changing out your throw pillows is an easy way to refresh a room. Purchase your favorite fabric and make these easy envelope pillow covers in an hour. No zippers are required.

9. Wooden Box

wooden box with lid on a stack of books

These wood keepsake boxes are fun to make, only need wood glue, and are perfect for hiding those ugly remotes in your living space! You can also use them to decorate bookshelves, as these make great décor accents. This is a scrap wood project, no need to buy any fancy wood here. Or you can even use a piece of plywood.

10. Lamp Makeover

White textured lamp base DIY makeover

Lighting is magical and helps a space feel more cozy. Take an existing or thrifted lamp, and turn it into a brand new one with some spray paint and a new shade. Learn how to redo a lamp base.

11. Faux Mercury Glass

DIY Mercury glass in gold and silver

These are such pretty accessories and make perfect little homemade gifts. I used dollar-store glasses to keep the cost low. Make a bunch of these mercury glass candle holders and nestle them together for a beautiful centerpiece. Place a couple on your mantel and fill them with battery-operated candles. Make more DIY candleholders here.

12. Wood Pedestal

Up close view of DIY wood pedestals stacked- full tutorial in post!

Add some warm wood tones to a room with a wood pedestal. Use it to show off a vase of greens or a soap dish. These are perfect for a kitchen or bathroom!

13. Mini Stool

DIY Small Wood Stool in a Kitchen - full tutorial for how to make these cheap wood stools in post.

One of my favorite projects ever. These mini wood stools are great for kids and adults but also make perfect little plant stands.

14. Peg Rail

diy peg rail in a girls room with fairy lights strung on it

Peg rails might not be the most apparent decor item – but please don’t overlook them. These DIY peg rails can add a little whimsy to any blank wall. Why? Because you hang so many cute things from them! Wreaths, scarves, bells, baskets, and more. You will have so much fun with these.

15. Bean Bag Chairs

little boy in a diy bean bag chair

Serena and Lily’s bean bag chairs inspired me to make my version. These DIY bean bag chairs are fun, albeit a bit messy, to make. Nothing a vacuum can’t handle. If you’re looking to purchase a bean bag type chair, check out my moon pod chair review.

16. Blanket Ladder

putting a blanket over a blanket ladder

I had so much fun making this Pottery Barn-inspired diy blanket ladder from ripped 2×4 lumber. These are great to make yourself because you can customize the look and size. Place one next to your couch for easy access to your favorite blankets.

17. Dried Hydrangea Arrangement

close up of dried limelight hydrangeas

If you are lucky to have a thriving hydrangea bush in your yard – once the end of the season approaches, you can cut off florals to make dried arrangements. These last forever and can even be spray painted.

18. Hanging Laundry Bag

DIY no sew hanging laundry bag with gold grommets

Another Pottery Barn-inspired project is this diy grommet hanging laundry bag for my laundry room.

19. Fabric Pinboard

A painted pin board with floral fabric fabric on a white desk - learn how to make a fabric pin board

I love the look of those linen-framed pinboards. You can easily make your own diy fabric pinboard from any corkboard you own, thrift, or buy cheaply. These are perfect for teens to keep all those assignments and mementos front and center.

20. Felt Pennant

two personalized diy felt pennants hanging on the wall in a bedroom.  

These felt pennants are adorable for a kid’s room, but you can make a grown-up variety for a TV or office space.

21. Chunky Knit Blanket

a girl sitting on a bed smiling with a chunky knit blanket wrapped around her

Perfect for gifting and even more perfect for snuggling. The yarn tends to sell out quickly, but this chunky knit blanket will be your favorite companion. My dog ended up stealing ours – it’s her blanket now.

22. Cafe Curtains

how to make cafe curtains with rings

These diy cafe curtains are not hard to make (you can make them no sew with fusible tape) and look so stylish!

23. Fleece Blanket

How to Make a Fleece Blanket without Ties (1)

Another blanket! This DIY fleece blanket requires no knitting. Just cutting! I give you all my tips for selecting the right fabric in the post. Who couldn’t use another blanket for your living room?

24. Rope Baskets

diy rope baskets 13 - Decor Hint

Hang a collection of these diy rope baskets on a wall. Or use them as catch-all bowls and room decor.

25. Fabric Bunting

DIY Pennant Garland Banner 12 - Decor Hint

These diy fabric buntings make the cutest kiddo decor! You can use your sewing machine, hand sew them, or use hot glue to create one.

26. Cloth Napkins

Four DIY LInen Napkins with frayed edges - get the full tutorial in post for how to make these!

Cloth napkins are prettier and better for the environment than those paper napkins. Plus – you don’t need to sew! You can rip the fabric and create a beautiful fringe.

27. Wood Lanterns

a set of three DIy Wood Lanterns on a front porch

Inspired by West Elm, this set of wood lanterns will be the perfect patio companion.

28. Frame a Bathroom Mirror

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror with Frame My Mirror

Turn a boring builder-grade bathroom mirror into a custom one with this frame-my-mirror kit tutorial. It’s easier to complete than you think when you buy a custom mirror kit!

29. Wood Bead Garland

bead garland Christmas 3 - Decor Hint

Wood bead garlands are still popular and make great decor! Customize the look using different-sized wood, bone, or glass beads – I like the large beaded garlands. Use them to hang from peg rails and fill decorative bowls, or place them on a stack of hardcover books on your coffee table.

how to hang a gallery wall with command strips

Hang a gallery wall of old family photos up your stairwell. This is a great way to honor loved ones and show off your wonderful families and ancestors. It’s also a great way to decorate a large wall in your home.

31. Hang wallpaper

step stool with woman smiling after applying peel and stick wallpaper

Completely change a room by hanging some inexpensive peel-and-stick wallpaper. This is a BIG IMPACT project, meaning you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here.

32. Macrame

DIY Mini Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

There are so many décor items you can make with macrame! Make a wall hanging, some pretty lighted jars, a banner, and more. If you are a beginner, you’ll want to check out these instructions for basic macrame knots. It’s all you need to get started.

33. DIY Candles

Learn how to Make Soy Candles - these make great gifts!

Candles set the mood and create ambiance, and it’s easy to create your own. Whether you want to make soy candles or mason jar candles.

34. Pom Pom Garland

DIY Pom Pom Garland in Girls Bedroom

Another adorable kids’ room or playroom home decor addition. These diy pom pom garlands are fun to make – grab a pom pom maker for perfect pom poms.

35. Oversized Mat Frames

oversized mat frames hung on the wall with black and white photos and a mirror next to it

I love the look of those frames with the oversized mats – but gosh, can they be pricey! I wanted the look but not the price, so I did this by buying cheap frames and swapping the mats. Check out my oversized mat frames here.

36. DIY Hoop Wreath

DIY Hoop Wreath 2 1 - Decor Hint

This project became one of my most popular! This diy summer hoop wreath are a minimal take on a more traditional wreath, but the nice thing is you don’t need to spend a lot on faux flowers to fill them out. And all you need is a glue gun to attach the flowers. Get the full tutorial here.

Xo Karen

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