This is a project for all my fellow Keurig Lovers out there! It’s a DIY K Cup Holder. Ta Da! This project was fully constructed with scrap wood and it’s a good way to use up your scrap wood pile if you have one.

We keep our K-Cups in a drawer, rather than out on the counter. I prefer very clean and minimal countertops! And I’ve been looking at organizing this drawer for a while now. In fact, I’ve been eyeing up these K-Cup holders from Amazon – I even posted my favorite one on my Amazon Weekly Finds.

DIY K Cup Holder made from wood! Full tutorial in post.

But, all that scrap wood in our garage was calling my name. It’s very hard to buy something that I know I could do myself in just a couple of hours. PLUS – I got to make this custom sized to fit our drawer. It looks fantastic and works fantastic too. And even better; our K-Cup drawer is neat and tidy.

Here’s how to make one yourself.

Things You’ll Need for this Project

DIY K Cup Holder

DIY K Cup Holder made from wood! Full tutorial in post.

How to make a k cup holder that fits in your drawer.

Total Time: 1 hour

  1. Cut Plywood to Fit Inside your Drawer

    Piece of Plywood

    Measure your drawer. Cut a piece of plywood just under these dimensions for a snug fit. You’ll also want to cut TWO equal sized 1×2 pieces that fit the width of your holder. These will be the “feet” that we glue on later.

  2. Make a Grid on your Plywood

    You’ll want to map out where each K-Cup hole will go. To do this, I measured 1 inch in all the way around. Then, from within this 1 inch border, I drew vertical and horizontal lines to create little boxes every 2.5 inches or so. One K-Cup hole will be drilled in each box. You can make your K-Cup Holes closer together or farther apart.

  3. Drill your Holes

    using a Hole Saw on a Piece of plywood

    Using a Hole Saw on your Drill, drill each hole in the center of the boxes you created in Step 2. Use a piece of scrap wood, such as a 2×4, underneath the plywood to create some leverage. BE GENTLE. GO SLOW. You want to take it slow enough that you are creating nice, clean K-Cup holes. I was not gentle enough in the beginning and it made the plywood peel and crack in some places.

  4. Sand the holes

    orbital sander

    Use an orbital sander to sand the holes and top nice and smooth. We don’t want to get a splinter making coffee! I also used a piece of sandpaper to smooth out each hole.

  5. Attach Feet

    Use a bead of wood glue on each 1×2 you cut in step 1, and attach them at either side of your K-Cup Holder. Let the wood glue fully cure before moving on to the next step.

  6. Paint/Stain (optional)

    Painting a DIY K Cup Holder - full tutorial in post.

    I really like the natural look, unfortunately, I was a little rough when creating some of the holes and they look a bit unsightly. So, paint it is. You can also stain your plywood, or just keep it natural as I intended to. Let it dry and then put it to good use! 🙂

Here’s how my K-Cup Holder looks in the drawer. And yes, I painted it aqua. Was it my first choice? Nope. Was it my second choice? No. It was my third choice.

I wanted natural – couldn’t do that because the sander was a little rough on the plywood. Then I wanted it white, but didn’t have any white paint, so I was left with a choice of black, pink or aqua.

DIY K Cup Holder made from wood! Full tutorial in post.
DIY K Cup Holder
DIY K Cup Holder made from wood! Full tutorial in post.
DIY K Cup Holder made from wood! Full tutorial in post.

I can always repaint it later. The point is my drawer looks happy now! And this thing holds a ton more K-Cups than our old method.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do! Thank you for visiting today!

Recyclable K-Cups

I waned to add a little blurb in here about K-cups and the environment. I am big on doing my part, and while I love the convenience of having a Keurig and single serve coffee, I don’t love that I could be contributing to the overuse of plastics on this planet.

Although I didn’t have any for these photos – my absolute FAVORITE K-cup coffee is Chock Full o’ Nuts. I love the flavor and I really love that there is no hard plastic shell with this coffee (which is 35% less plastic than traditional pods). You can really smell the coffee with these.

Keurig is making a promise to do their part as well. 100% of Keurig pods are recyclable, and as of 2021 feature an easy peel lid. Just peel off the lid and throw it away, and recycle the entire pod.

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Don’t want to make one? Here’s some that you can buy. Click on any photo for more info.

DIY K Cup Holder

Xo Karen

DIY K Cup Holder

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