DIY Zipper Pouch with Lining

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Learn how to make this adorable DIY zipper pouch with lining. With just a few materials and little time, you can make one for you and one for a friend!

Learn how to make this adorable lined zipper pouch.  With just a few materials and little time, you can make one for you and one for a friend!

Today we are making these cool little zipper pouches!  With a liner! Out of DROP CLOTH!  Here’s the thing though, once you know how to make these puppies – you can use whatever material you like. 

Go crazy with bright patterns.  Get some cool zippers.  Add some neat embellishments. 

I would only suggest that you use a heavier fabric for the exterior, something like a canvas or faux leather.  It gives the pouch some heft and makes it more sturdy.  I used just plain ol’ regular cotton ticking stripe fabric for the inside liner.

Drop Cloth fabric totally works on the outside because it’s a heavier canvas material.  You can machine wash it.  You can dye it.  You can paint on it.  It has so many uses.  And it’s super cheap!  I have tons of fabric left over for pillows and other projects.

So let’s get started!

 Materials Needed

  • Sewing Machine, thread, and a zipper foot.  I should also note that I used a denim needle.  You might not have to use a heavier needle but that’s just what I already had on my machine.  The type of needle will depend on your specific machine and the weight and thickness of your fabric.
  • Zipper – I used a 7″ jean zipper.
  • Two pieces of Drop Cloth cut to the same size of your zipper and as long as you want.  I used this fabulous drop cloth!  Love it!
  • Two pieces of Lining fabric cut to the same size as your drop cloth fabric (see above).  I used ticking stripe cotton that I already had.  But there are tons of options to get patterned fabric, like Amazon,, Minted, Spoonflower, etc.
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Optional – tassels or pom poms to attach to the zipper at the end.  You can make your own too.  I just used these cute tassels.

Tutorial for a DIY Zipper Pouch with Lining

Instructions step by step for making a diy zipper pouch with a liner.

Step 1 : Line up your fabrics for sewing

Start with one of your lining pieces and set this right side up.  Lay your zipper on top, lining up the raw edges.

Lay your drop cloth piece on top of your zipper – making a zipper sandwich!

Pin the lining, zipper and drop cloth together.  ( See Photos 1 +2)

Step 2 : Sew these layers together.

Sew along this line (shown in pink dots). (Photo 3.) Be careful not to sew over the teeth or zipper part or you will break your needle!  Not fun! 🙁 

Here’s a little hint – start sewing a bit below the bulky zipper part.  Then unzip the zipper to move the bulky part out of the way.  Now, go back and sew that part.  I hope that made sense…moving on…

Step 3 : Sew the Other Side of Your Pouch Together

Now we need to sew the other part of the pouch.  Lay your other piece of lining down like before.  Lay your zipper on top, lining up the raw edges again.  Your zipper will now be attached to your other lining piece (and drop cloth).  The liners should be facing each other. (See Photos 5 + 6.)

Now get your last piece of drop cloth and lay that on top of the zipper.  You made another zipper sandwich!  Pin and sew this side of the zipper.  Careful of your needle around the zipper again!

Instructions step by step for making a diy zipper pouch with a liner.

Step 4: Sew a Top Stitch

After sewing that seam, you should have something that looks like photo 7.  Two lining pieces and two drop cloth pieces attached to the zipper. 

You should iron your pieces now, especially around the zipper.  You want to iron that fabric flat and away from the zipper part so it doesn’t ever get tangled there.  Plus – ironing just gives your pouch a more professional look.

After ironing, top stitch (sew) on either side of the zipper on the drop cloth side (shown in pink dots on Photo 8).  This creates a finished look.

Step 5 : Sew your Pouch Together

See photos 9 +10 for this step. Grab your liners and put them together and grab your drop cloth pieces and put them together.  And this is so important – UNZIP your POUCH.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to flip your pouch right side out at the end. 

You are going to pin and sew around the entire perimeter (pink dots).  EXCEPT – leave an opening about the size of your hand in the liner side where shown.  You will reach in here, through your open zipper to turn the pouch right side out.  SO please – UNZIP zipper.   LEAVE SEAM open on liner. 

Also, if you find your pieces are a little off, this is a great time to take your scissors or rotary cutter and even everything out a bit.  You will be sewing over the bulky ends of the zipper too so you want to make sure it’s all lined up.

Before flipping right side out, snip each corner and poke them out.  You can also snip off some bulk from each end of the zipper (don’t cut your sewed seams though) so it lays nicer.  You just want it to be as flat as possible around the zipper part.  Now, you can reach in through the opening in your liner, through your unzipped zipper, and carefully pull out your drop cloth.  You should be left with something like this in photo 10. 

Step 6 : Sew your Liner opening

Now just sew up your liner opening (pink dots) and stuff it back inside.

Annnnnnnnd….you’re done!

Congrats, you just made the cutest pouch ever!

You can also attach a cute little pom-pom or tassel to the zipper pull for a special touch.

What to do with your Adorable Lined Zipper Pouch

Now that you made one, don’t you want to make more? These pouches make great gifts.  You can fill it with goodies and give it to a friend or family member.

This would also make a great little craft project for a girls scout troop or sewing class. I love that you can customize them with different patterns and liners. Go online and get some inspiration!

I gave one to my daughter and she decorated it with paint and markers. She uses it to hold art supplies and stickers.

By the way, if you loved this DIY sewing project, then you will also love these :

I’m thinking this would also be a cute gift idea for a wedding party – give your bridesmaids a nice little pouch as part of your gift to them. Sweet!

 Tip: If you are going to paint it, make sure to put cardboard in between, the paint will soak through to the other side. 

Learn how to make a zipper pouch with a liner.

I love these and now I want to put everything in pouches.

DIY Zipper Pouch with Lining

These DIY zipper pouches really help organize your purse. Use them to hold coupons, makeup or hand sanitizer.  Even diapers and wipes if you make one big enough.  I love the little surprise liner on the inside too.  It gives it a finished look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!  Now go make some zipper pouches!

xo Karen

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