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DIY lip scrub with three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen

Hi!  I’m just popping in quick to give you a diy project for YOU.  I don’t know why but my lips always seem to get so dry and chapped in the winter.  And I feel like I slather lip balms on them all day!  I couldn’t figure out how to stop the endless cycle until it finally dawned on me that I need to exfoliate! I need to get all the dry skin off before putting on my lip balm.  You can totally make your own.  This post will show you how to make a diy lip scrub.  It’s natural and only has three ingredients.  And it tastes really good too!


DIY lip scrub- only three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen

To start, you need coconut oil (the solid form, not the liquified oil), brown sugar and honey (preferably raw/organic).  Oh yea, and you will need a jar with a lid to put it in.  I used a clean jelly jar (a small one).  An old lip gloss container would be good too.

Why these ingredients?

  • Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.  It contains antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that moisturize skin and reduce inflammation.  It also helps protect skin.
  • Brown Sugar is a gentle exfoliator.
  • Honey – Soothing, naturally healing and helps calm inflammation.

Making the Lip Scrub

I started with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey.

You can start mixing the coconut oil and honey together to form a paste.

Then add in your brown sugar.  I used 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.  You can add more or less depending on how “rough” you want the scrub.  I don’t feel like there is any right or wrong way to do this.  You can totally experiment and find what works for you.

DIY lip scrub with only three ingredients! Makes a great little gift too

How to Use and Store

To use, just take a little and scrub your lips gently!  Wipe it off with a warm washcloth or warm water.  Follow up with your favorite nourishing lip balm.

*Note:  If you prefer a smoother lip scrub, you can add in a teaspoon of oils too.  That makes it a four ingredient lip scrub. 🙂 Olive, jojoba or sunflower oils would all work well here!

This diy lip scrub is best kept in the refrigerator and will last you a couple weeks.  You have to let it soften a bit after you take it out of the fridge.  I actually put a little on in the morning while I’m making my coffee and then put it back in the fridge for the next day.  I do think it’s helped my chapped lips.  And I love that it costs practically nothing and is a natural alternative to store brands.

DIY lip scrub! Only three ingredients

This also makes a great little gift.  You could pretty up the jar or add it to a gift basket full of natural homemade spa goodies.  (mental note – make a post on that!)  🙂

You can make this just in time for Spring – well, we are almost there…

Happy lip scrubbing!

xo Karen