How to Make a Pom Pom Towel for Your Bathroom

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I wanted to share a quick little DIY project for how to make a pom pom towel for your bathroom. This project takes no time at all and can make such a statement in your bathroom (or kitchen!) 

I have had these bathroom hand towels for a while and wanted to make them a little more punchy and styled up.  

I used this leftover Pom-Pom trim from another project and I thought this would be the perfect little touch in our guest bathroom.  Sometimes we have good towels, they just need a little something!  You know what I mean? 

So, here’s how to make your own inexpensive pom-pom trimmed towel.

how to Make a Pom Pom Towel

I used a sewing machine and it literally took me 2 minutes to sew the trim, but you could also use a permanent fabric glue.  

This is the pom-pom trim I got.  I have washed mine and the trim holds up just fine, even out of the dryer.  It’s easy to go to home goods or online to purchase a set of inexpensive but nice cotton hand towels and punch them up with this effect.  

I am also thinking of trying this with a tassel trim.  So cute!

How to Make a Pom Pom Towel

  1. Measure and cut your trim to fit your towel.  Make sure not to pull the trim too much! You want it to be relaxed, not stretched.
  2. Carefully sew your trim on each side of the towel. If you find the towel is too thick on the trim part, you can move the pom-pom trim slightly up, which I did on one of my towels.  This way it wasn’t too thick to sew through.  
  3. You could even add a couple layers of trim or put the trim three quarters of the way down on the towel.  Whatever you feel looks best!
Sew pom pom trim on your old towels to give them new life.
sewing pom pom trim on bathroom hand towels

Voila! Time to display your new hand towel! They sell Pom-Pom trim in different sizes and colors so the possibilities are endless.

Towel with pom pom trim hanging on towel holder

I hope this helps jazz up your bathrooms a bit more.

If you love sewing, check out my other tutorials for sprucing up your bathroom. Such as, making scented rice sachets, faux roman shades , and adding trim to your shower curtain.

Thanks for reading guys! 

xo Karen