A Practical DIY sewing Kit in 3 Easy Steps

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I’ll show you how to make a DIY sewing kit from a mason jar. These mason jar sewing kits are super useful and make a cute handmade gift for someone who loves to sew!

how to make a mason jar sewing kit

If you know someone who loves to sew, this project is perfect for you! You can gift them a handy little sewing kit with a pin cushion on top.

Actually, this would even make a great gift for a college student. You never know when they might need a little needle and thread.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

I’m sure you’ve seen these mason jar sewing kits before, but rather than buy one, it’s soooo much easier (and cheaper) to just DIY this yourself.

So let’s collect what we need and get started. And don’t worry, I’ll also give you some ideas for what to put in these DIY sewing kits.

sewing kit diy

Materials Needed

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DIY Sewing Kit Tutorial

These sewing kits are very easy to make and should take you all of ten minutes. Just follow these steps below.

Step 1: Cut your fabric to size.

Cut fabric to size of lid

Using your mason jar lid as a guide, cut out a piece of fabric that is slightly larger than your lid.

You don’t need a large piece, I would say about an inch or so bigger than your lid. However, I started with a larger piece and then just cut the excess off afterward.

Step 2: Prepare batting/ polyfill

Cut a piece of batting the same width of your lid. This will fit under your fabric and serve as the pincushion top.

Place your batting on top of the fabric on top of this batting and push it through your lid ring to see how it will look. You can also cut off any excess fabric at this point.

How to create a DIY sewing Kit
Make pin Cushion for the top

Step 3: Hot Glue It Together

Now we just need to secure everything to our lid. We can do this with a little bit of hot glue.

You can hot glue the loose lid piece to your fabric batting, just to secure it a little more. Don’t be afraid to go hot glue crazy. Just be careful not to burn yourself while you are pushing everything together.

Hot Glue Pin Cushion to Mason Jar Lid

I hot glued the inner rim of the ring and quickly stuck my pin cushion piece in there while it was still hot. Make sure the pincushion is poking through the top the way you want.

Cut away excess and hot glue to lid

Then I simply hot glued the excess fabric to the bottom of the lid piece.

One tip: Push your pincushion in as flush to the top as you can. You want some room to screw the lid on the mason jar afterwards. If you make it too low, there won’t be any room to close your jar properly.

Once everything is dry, you are pretty much done! We just need to fill our mason jar with sewing notions.

Sewing Essentials

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

You might be wondering what to include in your mason jar sewing kit. Obviously, it has to be small enough to fit in your mason jar. Nothing too big. Luckily, sewing notions are mostly small.

fill your sewing kit with sewing essentials

Here are some ideas for you …

You can also buy these sewing kits which include most of the items above. You can take all the things out and put them in your mason jar sewing kit instead!

mason jar sewing kit

One final touch? If you are gifting to someone, you can tie a little gift tag to it with some jute twine. Such a practical gift for the sewer, in my opinion. And tell them to check out Martha Stewart or my sewing projects (shameless plug!) for some inspiration.

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