DIY Fern Wreath – Easy and Practically Free

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Make this DIY fern wreath using beautiful and realistic faux ferns from Target!

Fluffing pillows on a bed, fern wreath decor

This weekend I randomly decided to get out my craft supplies and make a DIY spring fern wreath for above our bed. Do you ever do that? Just get a random urge to start crafting?

Anyways – this turned out really nice and gave a little pop of green and a nice spring touch to our bedroom.

I wanted this to be somewhat minimal looking like I just plucked ferns from my garden and whipped this together. Nope, I don’t have any ferns in my garden.

These are Hearth and Hand faux ferns that I bought from Target a while back (but they are still available guys!) They are really realistic to me and I’ve been reusing them a lot.

So I’m happy to report that they are still holding up nicely!

DIY Spring Fern Wreath - easy and inexpensive to create and adds a great Spring touch around the home

I made a little video on how to make this wreath. The wires of the faux ferns are bendy – so you can pretty use those to secure them to the hoop. Then, just use a bit of floral wire to secure the loose parts.

Literally – it’s 20 minutes of your life and you have these fun wreaths you can put wherever.

And did I mention this is super inexpensive? I only used ONE branch – yes, one – to make the whole wreath!

materials needed to make a fern wreath diy

Materials Needed

DIY Fern Wreath Video Tutorial

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Some of you have messaged me asking how in the world you hang these itty bitty hoop wreaths up on the wall.

I hang them using one of these clear 3M Decorating/Light Clips. The hoops perfectly fit into the clips and as long as you don’t have anything too heavy on there, they hold up beautifully.

Fern wreath hanging above a bed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY fern wreath tutorial! Have a great start to your week and I’ll talk to you in a few.

xo Karen

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