A roundup of popular drum pendant light fixtures (most under $200!)

I tend to write about things I’m currently searching for in our house. This time around? It’s a new drum pendant for our main bedroom. Those builder boob lights need to go!

If you’re also looking for a new drum pendant light, then I hope this post helps you! I’ve been scouring everywhere for good drum pendants and I found a bunch here. And the good news is that most of them are under $200!

Drum pendants are great because they soften the light in the room and you can use them virtually anywhere. I’ve always been a fan of a warm linen or burlap shade to bring all those cozy vibes to a room!

We recently purchased this inexpensive but HUGE drum shade for our kids playroom. It’s not a pendant, because it doesn’t hang down, but it is so much better than a boob light.

West Elm Short Drum Pendant light Fixture
West Elm
Rejuvenation Conical Drum Pendant

Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

So, without further ado, here’s what I found!

1. Avery Linen Double Drum

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

This one is so pretty and very popular! This drum pendant from Crate and Barrel goes with a variety of styles and provides that cozy warm look you’re looking for. I love the double drum feature. With sixty 5 star reviews and just under $200 – you can’t go wrong! This one is nicely sized at 18inches in diameter.

2. Rejuvenation Conical Drum Pendant

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

If I had a nickel for every Rejuvenation Conical Drum Pendant I saw, well I’d have nickels for days! The nice feature about this conical drum pendant is that it comes in a variety of sizes AND finishes, so you don’t have to settle for black and white, or gold white, etc. It’s the priciest of all the options on my list, but for good reason. Quality, Quality, Quality. Oh, and you will love it.

3. Paquette Shaded Drum Chandelier

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

My favorite! (And yes, I bought it.) No gold, per my husband’s request – this pendant drum comes in a brushed nickel or bronze finish. This double drum pendant is thinner than the Avery but still commands attention at 18 inches in diameter. I love that there is a bottom on it – I don’t like seeing the bulb inside (a pet peeve of mine). It’s also dimmable, works with LED bulbs, and has almost 1000 great reviews!

4. Wayfair 3-light Statement Drum Pendant

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

This one is such a bargain! Under $100 for this 18-inch diameter drum pendant. I love the double drum here as well and it’s dimmable too! Also works if you have a sloped ceiling. If you are looking to stay under budget, this one is a winner.

5. CO-Z 3 Light Double Drum Pendant

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

This is such a soft, pretty drum pendant and available on Amazon – which is just convenient for many of us. This one is also dimmable, very inexpensive, and has great reviews! It’s also a decent size at over 19 inches in diameter.

6. Clara Semi-Flush Cotton Drum Light

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

This semi-flush drum light is a knockoff of a more expensive West Elm one. If you are looking for gold and a little more elegance this one is perfect! It’s 16 inches in diameter so it works really well for a hallway or bedroom. Reviews state it gives off a “beautiful, soft light.”

7. CB2 Equator White Oversized Pendant

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

Sometimes you need something large in which case this one from CB2 may be your ticket. This thing is massive at over 34″ in diameter! I love the subtle striping in the drum design and the reviews are glowing!

8. West Elm Short Drum Pendant

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

I’m obsessed with the pleats in this!! This Short Drum Pendant is almost 25″ in diameter so it will definitely be a showstopper in your rooms. You can either choose between the pleated shade or the natural linen and both are oh so pretty. Did I mention this comes in under $200? A great value for a large drum pendant in my opinion.

9. Lulu and Georgia Sayan Pendant

drum pendant - Lulu and Georgia

The Sayan Drum Pendant light from Lulu and Georgia is gorgeous! And actually really affordable for a pendant of this size and quality – coming in under $400. It’s one of their bestsellers and you can see why. It also comes in black. Definitely worth checking out!

Drum Pendant Light Fixtures - full roundup in post!
Sarah Bartholomew Design

And that about wraps it up! I can’t wait to show you guys how this new light looks (#3 on this list). I’ll be sure to update you guys when it does.

Have a great week!

xo Karen

Best Drum Pendant Light Fixtures

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