Easy Spring Touches around the Home

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When Spring rolls around, I can’t help but want to lighten up around here. I tend to keep things pretty comfortable and minimal, but certainly try to bring some of that gorgeous spring color and other little happy touches into our home.

For the front door this year – I kept things very simple. No wreath – just that beautiful stained wood door. A single terracotta planter holds a Japanese evergreen Holly Bush (Convexa).

Tip : For color and foliage all year round, plant evergreens in your pots outside. A lot of them take sun and shade and don’t need a ton of maintenance. And you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Leave some room in the pots around the greenery so you can plant “seasonal” flowers and plants. This way – in the dead of winter – you always have something there to look at. Boxwood, Japanese Holly and Green Spire Euonymus are great choices. As much as I love my hydrangeas, I get so tired of looking at sticks until they bloom!

Easy Spring Touches around the Home - Decor Hint #homedecor #spring #springdecor

I still consider us to be in that “decorating” phase since we ended our renovation. Meaning – we still have blank walls and blank floors that need something. We added a vintage, distressed mirror to the wall above the fireplace. It used to hold our TV. But frankly the TV didn’t give the room enough oomph. This is much better.

Green plants in our home always help freshen up the place – but these pretty much remain a constant around here (with the exception of Christmas). My aloe plant adds a bit of whimsy to a small side table in our living room. That wall above the aloe is just itching for artwork! Amiright??

I could run out to the grocery store and pick up a bunch of floral bouquets, but my Camellia was just begging to be shown off. I snipped off a few floral branches and sprinkled them throughout the house.

I also love displaying objects that have meaning. A small vase on our ottoman tray holds shells, stones and driftwood picked up from various beach walks with the family. And of course – my terracotta planters always have a safe haven around here. I put our planter here in the living room on a plant stand that I found at Rite Aid (yes – the pharmacy LOL) and we planted a large Janet Craig Dracaena in there.

In the kitchen, things pretty much stay the same except for the florals. AND! My grandmother’s glass cake stand that proudly displays hot cross buns!

Not for long though! 🙂

xo Karen

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