Eclectic Boys Room Reveal: Tyler’s Room Tour

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Today, I’m sharing Tyler’s Room with you guys. I’m calling it an Eclectic Boys Room.

Black Metal Bed with Navy Bedding - Boys Room Decor

I haven’t really shared a room tour in a while, so today I’m sharing my son Tyler’s Room with you all. Our renovation ended late winter this year, so a lot of rooms are still in transition with decorating. But Tyler’s Room is pretty much finished. I mean, really, is any room ever really done? Not really.

I wanted his room to feel cool, comfortable and eclectic. I tried really hard not to over-decorate this room. Do you know what I mean? I added decor items slowly until we ended up with kind of an eclectic mix of styles. Some vintage items from hand me downs, some handmade and DIY items, and of course some new items.

Map Wall Decal - Boys Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tyler’s Room Tour

So, let’s get started with this tour! I sourced all the products I could find at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact me with any questions though.

Window Treatments

Tyler is lucky to have these beautiful french doors off his bedroom. He gets a lot of natural light in his room. In the summer in Seattle, that calls for some seriously heavy duty blackout shades. Or my kids would never go to sleep!

Blue Curtains in Boys Room

I managed to kind of DIY my own Blackout drapes. Well, it’s half store-bought, half DIY. The actual curtains are from Target. Only $10 per panel! I love the color and the texture of them. And they are labeled as blackout curtains. Unfortunately, for Seattle, not blackout enough.

Navy Bedding, boys room decor, white blackout cordless window shades

So I ended up picking up some inexpensive blackout drapery lining (it’s Roc Lon), and I simply clipped it to the back of the curtains. The curtain rod and curtain clips are from Amazon. I haven’t decided if I’m going to actually sew the two panels together or just keep it as is. It’s been working perfectly this way, so why bother?

For the other window, I bought a simple blackout cordless honeycomb shade from JcPenney. It’s cut to width – so you can get these in any size you need. A much cheaper option than buying a custom blackout shade. In my opinion, JCP has the best selection of these blinds.

Toy Storage

Gray and White Toy Baskets - Boys room

I’m starting to transition some of their toys from the playroom to their rooms. We still have a playroom but a lot of the toys I moved to their individual rooms. I just went through a major toy purge and it’s been wonderful!

I have a set of two rope baskets that hold a lot of toys. One is dedicated to legos, and the other to everything else. It’s very easy to clean up at the end of the day – just throw the toys in the basket. These were a great find on Amazon. They are inexpensive and really sturdy and roomy.

Gray and white toy baskets

On top of his dresser is a small DIY rope basket that I use to hold those little lego kits together. The small kits with all the itty bitty pieces. This keeps it all together and we just pull it out when he wants to play with it.

DIY Rope Basket - for toy storage - kids bedroom

Bonus storage! I keep some puzzles and games in the bottom drawer of his dresser. Out of sight, out of mind! But easy enough to pull out when he wants it.

Some larger toys I have stored in his closet and occasionally I rotate them out.

Shag Rug

This shag rug was another Amazon find! They have a ton of colors available. It’s really comfy for the kids to play on it. And it also gives the room a bit of texture.

Gray Shag Rug - Boys Bedroom Ideas

I would recommend a rug pad to give it a bit more cushion. It will also help with the sliding around which was driving me nuts.

The other rug in here is a car mat. Or, I call it a car mat. This was a gift from Tyler’s Uncle Nate. He plays on this rug EVERY.DANG.DAY. I’m already eyeing up a bigger one for his birthday – as this one is getting a little beat up. But it’s cute because the size fits perfectly by his bed and serves as a “runway” to the books. Ha – read more!

Boys Room Car Road Rug


Bed Frame

Blue Bedding with Gray Blanket - Boyrs Room Decor

This modern black bed is from Amazon. It’s very sturdy and somewhat low to the ground, so my son can easily climb in and out of bed. It also doesn’t require a box spring. Woot!


Black Wall Bookcase for Kids Rooms

I love this bookcase. This is from Target and they have both a gray and black version. It’s bolted to the wall, so you don’t have to worry about this falling on anyone. It’s the perfect size for a three yr old. He loves to pick out his favorite books for us to read.

Black Wall Bookcase for Kids Rooms

I reserved the bottom ledge for his stuffed animals. We try to keep stuffed animals to a minimum in this house but I know it’s hard! My kids have one or two that they are VERY attached to, and the rest are just friends!


Walnut Dresser - Kids room Decor

The chest of drawers is something my husband and I used to have in our room that we passed down to Tyler. It’s from Raymour and Flanigan way back when. I couldn’t find it on their website so I sourced a similar dresser below.


So while I am still not 100% there on the accessories, it’s pretty much finished. Again, I wanted to keep this room fairly simple and clutter free. I have one new item on the way – a cute little accordion wood wall rack. I’ll hang it low so he can put his jackets and hats on there.

Pennant Garland

Eclectic Boys Room Reveal: Tyler's Room Tour - Today, I'm sharing Tyler's Room with you guys. I'm calling it an Eclectic Boys Room.

This DIY pennant garland is the perfect decor item to fill an empty wall. I still want to add a few more wall items – like pennants and framed photos. But this gives the room some color.

Peel and Stick wallpaper was another consideration for this wall (and still might be in the future).


Little Football Statue for Boys Room

Isn’t this Steeler Football status the cutest? It was my husband Seans when he was little. I think every room needs something vintage, something collected – something with some memories.


The lamp was a HomeGoods find. I sourced something similar below. But HomeGoods is a great place to find lamps! And Target, as well. I love that you can assemble your lamp at Target – choose your shade, choose your base. So much fun!


City Artwork for kids Rooms

For artwork, I framed a cute “City Life” print from my Etsy Shop. It’s not available anymore, but I’m going to be adding this and some other discontinued prints to my Free Printable Library. Stay tuned for that.

This bear print is from a shop called Mahogany Street. They have some really unique items and this print is a really cool canvas material.

Lastly, my husband found this giant map wall decal on Amazon. It was perfect to fill this space here. My son loves looking at it and he’s definitely learning geography too, which is a bonus!

World Map Wall Decal for Boys Rooms


Blue Bedding with Gray Blanket - Boyrs Room Decor (3)

Tyler’s bedding is super simple. Yes, my three year old sleeps in a queen bed. We had this extra mattress and didn’t want to get rid of it just to buy a twin. So, he’ll be sleeping on this until he goes to college. LOL.

Since making a bunch of beds in the morning is not exactly fun, I kept this bed made up simple. Two bed pillows, a stuffie, a coverlet and a soft and warm blanket for those chilly days and nights. I can make his bed in about 13 seconds so it saves me so much time!

I can’t find the exact comforter I bought but I linked a similar one and a few other favorites below.

Target has some really adorable comforter sets and I might get tempted to change out the blue. But it works for now and it’s really really ridiculously comfortable.

The soft gray blanket is Amazon – and it’s a King sized. If you want your bedding to drape a bit, by the next size up. Works like a charm.

Oh yeah, and the gray sheets are Target too! Don’t you just love Target?

That about concludes the tour and all the sources are linked below.


Eclectic Boys Room Reveal: Tyler's Room Tour - Today, I'm sharing Tyler's Room with you guys. I'm calling it an Eclectic Boys Room.

xo Karen

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