Here’s something a little different. As parents of two young kids, we are always looking for family fun ideas. So a while back, I compiled a bunch of family time ideas that we can choose from.  These creative ideas work for older and younger kids – it’s fun for the whole family!

This list of family time ideas includes Winter and Summer activities as well as things you can do at home in your own living room or backyard for free (or on the cheap).

Catching crabs on the beach

Other ideas take a bit more planning and expense but are still worth considering.  This was literally a brain dump, and I’m sure you will find a nugget or two. Cheers to more quality family time!

Family Time Ideas

  1. Camp out in your Backyard overnight (don’t forget the tent!)
  2. Toast some Smores.  
  3. Have a Family Movie Night. Don’t forget the popcorn and cozy blankets.
  4. Make your Own Pizzas.
  5. Play with Water Beads.  
  6. Set up a Sprinkler or Slip n’ Slide.  
  7. Take a Bike Ride Together.  
  8. Watch a Movie Outdoors
  9. Visit a Bookstore.
  10. Go on a Nature Hike or Neighborhood Walk.  
  11. Visit every single park in your area.
  12. Have a Family Game Night. Board games or card games count.
  13. Go Swimming.  
  14. Make a Birdhouse.  
  15. Use a telescope to look at the stars on a clear night.  
  16. Garden.  
  17. Cook something from your garden veggies!
  18. Blow Bubbles.
  19. Visit the beach. Even if it’s cold out.
  20. Go somewhere and catch the sunset together.
  21. Catch Fireflies in your backyard.
  22. Play a Sport like basketball, baseball, or capture the flag.
  23. Do a Puzzle.
  24. Taco Night!
  25. Use Conversation Cards at Dinner.
  26. Listen to fun music and have a Dance Party.
  27. Look through old family photos.  
  28. Go out to your Favorite Restaurant.
  29. Have a picnic (at home or at a park!) 
  30. Go listen to live music or an outdoor concert.  
  31. Visit an Aquarium.
  32. Play with Trains.
  33. Have a Pillow Fight.
  34. Draw or Paint Each Other’s Portraits.
  35. Read a Book.
  36. Build a Fort.
  37. Visit the Zoo or a Farm. 
  38. Bake Cookies together.
  39. Go Apple, Strawberry, or Pumpkin Picking.  
  40. Play video games.
  41. Give your Pet a Bath.
  42. Go Kart Racing.
  43. Paint Rocks.
  44. Make ice cream sundaes.
  45. Visit a Museum.
  46. Go Bird Watching. Don’t forget your binoculars!
  47. Make Bracelets.
  48. Have a Lemonade Stand.
  49. Go Bowling.
  50. Playdoh, slime or kinetic sand.
  51. Catch ghost crabs.
  52. Play at the Playground.
  53. Tie-Dye T-Shirts.
  54. Go Rollerblading.
  55. Make some Christmas Crafts.  
  56. Play Hide & Seek.
  57. Go on a Scavenger Hunt and search for clues.  
  58. Build a Cardboard House.  
  59. Wash the Cars.  
  60. Go to the Mall.
  61. Build a Snowman.
  62. Dip-Dye Eggs.
  63. Draw Washable Tattoos.
  64. Build something with Blocks or Magna Tiles.
  65. Visit a Hobby Shop.
  66. Build an Obstacle Course.
  67. Clean out your closets, then donate the stuff to a local charity.  
  68. FaceTime your Grandparents and cousins.
  69. Go to the Library.
  70. Visit with Friends or Family.
  71. Learn some Magic Tricks.
  72. Rent a Bounce House.
  73. Go See a Play at the local Theatre.
  74. Visit an Amusement Park.
  75. Go Sledding.
  76. Make Popsicles.
  77. Go Hiking.
  78. Do a Science Kit.
  79. Go Rock Climbing.
  80. Jump Rope.
  81. Visit a local Flea Market. 
  82. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk.
  83. Go to a Trampoline Park. 
  84. Play Cornhole.
  85. Learn Macrame.
  86. Go Miniature Golfing.  
  87. Visit a Botanical Garden.
  88. Go to the Movies.
  89. Visit the Planetarium. 
  90. Go Skiing. 
  91. Do Yoga.
  92. Go to a Baseball Game.
  93. Dine, Al Fresco
  94. Have a Water Balloon Fight. 
  95. Go to the Roller Rink.
  96. Make Soft Pretzels.  
  97. Visit a National Park.
  98. Make Snow Angels.
  99. Bake treats and deliver them to neighbors and friends.
  100. Go Ice Skating.
  101. Make your own Mason Jar candles together.
  102. Visit your local Farmer’s Market.  
  103. Have a Yard Sale. 
  104. Go Whitewater Rafting.
  105. Watch a Documentary.  
  106. Make Sun Prints.  
  107. Go Fishing.
  108. Make a Terrarium with Mason Jars.
  109. Make Perfect PomPoms.
  110. Bake Sourdough Bread.
  111. Make a Family Time Capsule.