My Favorite Home Items

I’ve been wanting to do a post on my favorite home items for a while.

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I get asked a lot about home brands and my recommendations, especially budget-friendly options.

And while I LOVE just about everything in my home, there are a few items that really stick out as winners.

I decided to round up my favorite home items at the moment.

These are the things I keep buying, again and again. The same things I recommend over and over.

My Favorite Velvet Drapes

I’m always searching for those perfect drapes that won’t cost a fortune. I’ve even DIY’ed my own pinch pleat curtains.

my favorite blue slate velvet drapes

These velvet drapes check all the boxes for me.

They are a fantastic, drapey velvet material and come in many different lengths and colors.

my favorite blue slate velvet drapes
my favorite blue slate velvet drapes

They also offer a variety of colors; for my guest bedroom/office I chose these slate blue and couldn’t be happier.

The best part? They are incredibly inexpensive! I’m talking IKEA prices here guys. I’ll definitely be getting more for the house.

My Favorite Small Accent Lamps

I love this lamp so much I bought two! And I wouldn’t hesitate to get more.

small brown accent lamp from Target on a bar cabinet
small brown accent lamp from Target on a stack of books in front of a mirror

I’m loving these small accent lamps lately. When you have a space that needs a bit of ambiance, like our bar cabinet here or entry table, (even a small desk), these lamps fit the bill.

They are sturdy, cute, and cast the prettiest glow. They also work with LED bulbs. And they are really cheap!

My Favorite Washable Rugs

I can’t stop buying these Ruggable Rugs.

I bought my first one over 5 years ago for our house in Seattle and have been hooked ever since.

In our new house, we have a nice foyer.  Instead of choosing a small doormat by the front door, I wanted to put a larger rug down to define the space a little better.  

I tell ya, as soon as I set down this new rug, the whole space came alive.  

machine washable foyer rug

You guys all know my love for washable rugs, and since people are coming in and out of the front door frequently, it’s the perfect choice for a washable rug like this. 

And by washable, I mean, throw in your washing machine washable.  

Yes, seriously.  

This is the rug we chose.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s just the right amount of colors.  And it’s washable!  Oh, did I already mention that?  

close up of a red foyer rug, washable rug
Ruggable Rug
foyer room with a red rug
Ruggable Rug

Here’s a true story. 

We haven’t been in this house that long.  And the day after I got this rug, my dog Sasha barfed on it.  In TWO places.  It’s hard to be mad at this face though.

wheaten terrier dog laying on hardwood floors
foyer rug on dark hardwood floors
washable foyer rug plus rug picks

But it’s ok.  Because this rug is washable (sorry).  And after I washed it up, I stuck it back down in our foyer.  It’s as good as new.  

Ruggable has recently come out with new patterns and their Farmhouse Collection which is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and I want so many of these rugs.  

Ruggable Rug Picks 2020

Here are a few of my favorite washable rug picks for you!  Click on any photo for more information.

My Favorite Home Items - I've been wanting to do a post on my favorite home items for a while.
entryway with a red rug, a bench and farmhouse coat rack
kitchen gray cabinets and a double wall oven, with a rug runner down the middle

I also have this pretty runner in the kitchen.

I just added this one to our bathroom and it completely changed the look of the room. It looks much more put together. We have done nothing in our builder bathroom, and I mean nothing, aside from throwing down this rug.

a gray bathroom cabinet with a white framed mirror, a plant and a blue and coral colored rug
a close up look at a blue and coral ruggable rug - machine washable!

It’s amazing the difference. Plus, it’s Ruggable, so it can get wet, be washed, be vacuumed, and the pattern hides dirt. And I have another one on the way – for our eat-in kitchen area. 🙂

My Favorite Bed Blanket

I wanted a throw at the end of our bed for color and texture. It needed to be the right color, and more importantly, I needed it long so it draped nicely over the sides.

I was considering making a chunky knit blanket, but the cost of all the yarn was throwing me.

gray knitted bed blanket from Target on a bed with white bedding.

I’ve had my eye on Casaluna’s chunky knit bed blanket since I saw it on Emily Henderson but it kept selling out.

Casaluna is a new-ish bedding and bath brand at Target. They are a little more upscale and luxurious than their other brands, and a little pricier too (but still within budget-friendly Target prices).

gray knitted bed blanket from Target on a bed with white bedding.

One day, I happened to find one in the size and color I wanted at Target. It was the last one left!

But it had a pull in the knitting. 🙁

It wasn’t super obvious to the eye, but enough that people probably put it back. I knew I could fix the pull myself and I was even able to score a 10% discount on it for the “defect”.

This blanket is so soft and cozy, it’s washable (delicate cycle), and it’s GIGANTIC. I got the King but could have easily got away with the Queen for our King-sized bed.

It’s also very heavy. I joke that it’s a poor man’s weighted blanket because you can definitely feel some weight and pressure when you have it on you.

It’s really gorgeous and I can see why the reviews are so good. I’m anxious to try out these waffle weave towels next.

To see more favorites, check out the Shop My Home page or My Amazon Shop.

xo Karen