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Free, Ready to Print Botanical Art : Check out this great source for beautiful prints.

Hey everyone.  Today I want to show you guys my favorite source for free botanical art prints!  I am a huge fan of the neat, straight lined gallery walls of framed botanicals and ferns.  They give a room that pop of green.  These prints also have a vintage appeal to them.   If you buy the right frame, they can look like an expensive, collected piece of art.  I handpicked a bunch of these beautiful art prints to give you some ideas, but I’ll walk you through how I navigate the website so you can pick your favorites.  WARNING:  You can get lost for hours perusing this amazing source of free prints!

Wouldn’t these look great above a couch?  Or in a dining room as a large focal wall?  Ballard Designs has some great inspiration on their website for these type of gallery walls.  Although they can cost a fortune.

Both images via Ballard Designs. 

Ballard Designs Botanical Art Prints

Ballard Designs Botanical Art Prints

How to get your Free Botanical Art

  1. I go to The New York Public Library Digital Collections website.
  2. On the homepage, I click on Browse, then Items. 
  3. You should now see a menu on the left hand side.  I check the box that says “Show only Public Domain.”
  4. Then I click on Topic.  A list of topics come up.  Click on the More button.
  5. I usually pick from the Flowers, Botany, Birds and Plants topics.
  6. When I find a picture I like, I click on it for a better view.
  7. If you like it, then you can choose what resolution you want to download. Done!

**You can also search by keyword, for instance – type in “ferns” in the search box.  I always make sure the “Show only Public Domain” box is checked.

I’ll do a post on the printing/framing process soon too.

I like to get my frames from Target and Michael’s.  Michael’s usually has sales and there is always a coupon floating around somewhere!  Sometimes you can score a good, inexpensive frame from HomeGoods.  If you don’t like the print that it comes with, you can sometimes swap it out and still keep the frame.

This is really just a small sampling.  I could have filled up an entire website with the amazing collection of materials they have.

To access the collection of fern prints in the featured image and many more, go here.  To grab this collection of flowers (below), go here and here and here.

Hint:  Type “alliums” into the search box.  Aren’t they pretty?  I just love how delicate these prints are!

Free, Ready to Print Botanical Art : Check out this great source for beautiful prints.

To grab this colorful collection of prints, go here.

Free, Ready to Print Botanical Art : Check out this great source for beautiful prints.

I hope you guys find some good ones!  I know you will.  If you like my blog (thank you), please subscribe to be notified of new posts.  I send out one email a week (Saturday) with all new posts to keep you updated!

xo Karen