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Free Botanical Prints. You can print these at home and frame in a gallery wall – decorating doesn’t get any easier!

I’m so excited to show you guys our new gallery wall! We put this up in a pinch because this giant blank wall needed something quick.

I purchased this affordable gallery wall set from Amazon. It comes with a template and everything so it’s super easy to hang. I’ll give you guys some tips for hanging below.

The only problem was I needed some artwork!

I scoured the Biodiversity Heritage Library for these beautiful fern prints and did some photoshop magic on them. They are all ready to go.

set of 9 botanical fern prints hanging on wall

One of the things about builder homes is that although everything is brand new, you will spend money undoing all the boring builder things they tend to put in these homes.

So far, we have added a new rug to our foyer, peel and stick wallpaper to our dining room, and painted our pendant light fixture black.

Our breakfast nook was coming along but still needed more. I wanted to fill out the wall behind our table with some statement art.

If you’ve been a reader here, then you know my husband and I rarely, if ever, agree on art. That’s why it took almost five years for us to complete a cheap gallery wall in our old home.

free botanical prints - set of 9 fern prints in black frames on wall

The easier we can keep the options for wall art, the better.

And decorating doesn’t get any easier than this!

Free Botanical Prints

What’s included?

set of 9 botanical fern prints hanging on wall

A set of 9 high-quality fern art prints, sized 8×8 – perfect for printing at home and putting right into these gallery frames. I recommend printing on cardstock or printable cotton. If you prefer more of an aged background, you can print on this aged cardstock.

To get your free prints, sign up below and you the prints will automatically download for you. Already a subscriber? No worries- these are in the subscriber library for you! If you have any trouble, just drop me a line here.

How to Hang Your Botanical Gallery Wall

You’ll need a set of 9 frames. Amazon sells this nice gallery wall set. The frames are sized 12×12, but with the mat, you will need prints sized 8×8 inches.

The gallery wall set comes with a template that you can attach to the wall (I used painter’s tape to hold it in place). Use a level to ensure your template is hanging straight.

paper gallery wall template hanging on wall with painter's tape

(Note: I actually used the back of the template because I wanted my grid spaced a little further apart. )

gallery wall paper template

The gallery wall template has the markings for the nails so this literally couldn’t be easier.

Here’s what to do.

  1. Hang up your template on the wall with painter’s tape. Use a level to ensure the template is straight.
  2. Hammer in your nails as marked on the template.
  3. Once all your nails are up there, remove the template by ripping/pulling around the nails. You’ll be left with 9, perfectly spaced nails.
  4. Print your fern prints.
  5. Place in the frames and secure them in place with painter’s tape. Ensure the painter’s tape is not visible through the mat.
  6. Hang and enjoy!

You can always save your template for the future in case you move or decide to move your gallery wall somewhere else.

hammer nails for gallery wall using template.
removing paper around nails for gallery wall

This is a great way to fill out a wall and some green color to your rooms. I love the way this looks. In fact, I’m wondering if I need to add a few more frames to the sides to make it a little bigger? Hmmm.

Free Botanical Prints for an Easy Gallery Wall - Free Botanical Prints.  You can print these at home and frame in a gallery wall - decorating doesn't get any easier!
set of 9 botanical fern prints hanging on wall

I hope you enjoy these free botanical prints!

xo Karen