Free Llama Printable Art

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free llama printable art /


Hey there!

As I promised last week, here’s another piece of freebie artwork for ya!  This time, it’s a cool llama print.  Have you seen these llama and buffalo prints everywhere?  I love them!

Animals can be so darn cute.  I hope I’m not the only one who thinks llamas and buffalos are cute.

Am I?

So, I found this adorable llama picture and I did some Photoshop magic to it.  Then I applied some filter magic to it.  Then I did a little more Photoshop magic to make it the right size and high quality.

I love this llama print.

free llama printable art /

This is stored in the printable library so just subscribe below to get access and you’ll be on your way.

Go to this post for printing and framing options.

This is an 8×10 print so you could even print this out at home if you have a good quality printer.

I recommend printing this on acid free, crisp white, matte, heavyweight cardstock.

I really hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading and visiting and subscribing and …

being YOU.

xo Karen


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