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Hey you guys!  The packing is in full swing (ugh).  I’m trying my best to keep up with it all.  The house is full of boxes and I must have made twenty trips to Goodwill by now.  I’m definitely looking forward to the 4th of July when we are settled in our rental.  I could really use a margarita right about now. 🙂

I found these fun summer accessories and they are all budget friendly too.  See below for more information on each.

I’m definitely ordering that watermelon doormat by the way…

Popsicle String Lights

Because why not?  These string lights are so fun for kids and adults alike!  These are from Wayfair and they have a ton of other options, but the popsicles were my favorite.

Unbreakable, Recyclable, Reusable, BPA Free Stemless Wine Glasses

I saw these wine glasses on Amazon and was pretty impressed.  These are unbreakable, recyclable (if not reusing), BPA free and have almost 500 great reviews!  The only caveat – they are not dishwasher safe.  But these would be perfect if you are throwing an outdoor wine party this summer.

Watermelon Doormat

Add a fun pop of color to your front entry way with this watermelon doormat.  Because who doesn’t love watermelon?  This would especially look great at a beach or lake house.  But I’m definitely getting this one for my house!

Target Opalhouse Melamine Plates

These are so pretty!  I love Melamine in the summer because who wants to lug a heavy dinner dish around outside? And it can get a little dangerous to have your nice dinnerware outside.   These melamine plates come in many different patterns and colors – it was really tough for me to choose my favorites.  I love them all!

Silicone Popsicle Molds

Lately, I’ve been into making my own popsicles.  You can throw some fresh fruit in there with a little juice for a refreshing treat.  Or – try a yogurt and fresh fruit concoction!  These silicone popsicle molds are popular and dishwasher safe too.

Glass Drink Dispenser

I love that this drink dispenser has a mason jar, rustic look to it.  And that it’s under $20!  The fancy trick with these drink dispensers?  Add some fresh fruit or lemon slices!  That’s the key to turning the juice or cocktail in the drink dispenser from looking “meh, ok” to “I want some of that.”

Unicorn Pool Float

Have you been seeing these pool floats everywhere like I have?  If you have a pool, it’s like, you HAVE to get one of these things.  If not, you can totally throw it in the backyard and let the kids have at it while you refresh your drink. 😉

Side note: I need to shop more on eBay.  Did you guys know that eBay sells brand new home decor items too?  I think we tend to think of eBay as the second hand, go-there-to-buy-vintage-online-shop.  Or at least I did for a while.  But nope – you can get brand new too!  All you have to do is hit the “Buy it Now” button.  I am pleasantly surprised at their awesome selection.  And then I learned that almost 70% of their items ship free.  Even better!

Fun DIY Stuff

Don’t forget that you can totally DIY some fun decor items for your patio too!

Like this 4th of July banner….

Or these macrame jar hangers with fairy lights

Or these cute little succulent planters!

Mini Jade Planter in bowl with green shovel

Or maybe you are just decorating your patio?  Check out these budget-friendly patio decor ideas.

Oh yes, one more thing! I always think every patio needs a pop of green with some height.  Especially if you are throwing a get together.  Setting a few tall green plants or climbing flowers around really does transform the look of your outdoor space.

These majesty palm trees from Home Depot have lasted me a long, long time and they really work to help define your outdoor space and give it that extra pop it needs.  And you may be surprised but these majesty palms don’t mind shade!  They are slow growing but can they can get big if you spoil them.  They like well watered, well-draining soil.  In the winter, you can bring them indoors if you live in a cold climate.

Well, it’s back to packing boxes and taking down curtain rods for me!  I hope you are all having fun and relaxing somewhere.  🙂

xo Karen

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