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Hello friends!  

We are in the very very beginning phases of our renovation.  The renovation will include changing the dining room to another room (we will knock a wall down) and moving the kitchen to where the existing dining room is.  

We are going to install a breakfast nook and accordion doors to the back deck where our existing kitchen is.  I’ll lay it all out once we have the plans, but unfortunately, our architect is so busy she can’t even get started on drawings until the winter.  

So, in the meantime, we are just going to dream a little and gather lots of ideas.  Our new kitchen is going to be a galley style.  Our home is so charming but it is teeny, and we want the overall space to flow as effortlessly as possible.  So, a galley style kitchen will flow right into our breakfast nook area and to the back deck (which we love).  

The goal is to walk in and be wowed by a wall of doors in the back that fold open (accordion style).  It’s funny because you don’t see many galley kitchens.  I think it’s more popular nowadays to have an island and a more traditional open layout for your kitchen.  

But, did you know that galley kitchens are the preferred kitchen layout for professional chefs?  I’ve been a mission to find some cool looking galley kitchen designs.  I’ve also dug up a bit of information that is helpful to anyone out there who has a galley kitchen or is renovating one like us!

Galley Kitchen Design Tips

  1. In galley kitchens, it’s advised to have at least 4-6 feet of an aisle.  Any less and it could get kind of crowded, any more and you will feel like there is too much space.
  2. It’s important to always keep your work triangle in mind – which is the imaginary line between the most important appliances in the kitchen – the fridge, the stove and the sink.  To be technical – not one leg of the triangle should be more than 9 feet or less than 4 feet and all sides should add up to somewhere between 13 and 26 feet.
  3. The most popular galley kitchen layouts have the sink and fridge on one side and the stove on the other side.
  4. Open shelving on the top helps a galley style kitchen feel larger and maximize efficiency.
  5. Lighter cabinet and wall colors are best to visually open a galley style kitchen.
  6. Conceal your dishwasher and fridge behind cabinet panels for a much neater appearance.
  7. Galley kitchens force you to be clever with storage – a pull-out pantry, deep drawers and storage behind the bottom toe kick are just a few of the ways to really maximize storage.  You don’t want to clutter up your precious counter space.
  8. Ultimately – you know what works best for you and your family when it comes to kitchen design.  My favorite tip is that there are no rules!

Here are some amazing looking galley kitchen designs.

What did you guys think of these galley kitchen designs?  For even more kitchen inspiration – go to my Pinterest Kitchen page.  I’m working on a few DIY posts that are coming soon!  Some fun things for Halloween.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!  🙂SaveSaveSaveSave

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2 thoughts on “Galley Kitchen Designs AND Renovation Tips”

  1. I just remodeled our galley kitchen. I love every thing you said. I just want to add that multiple layers of lighting is important to consider. It is so nice in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
    The one mistake that was made in my kitchen was that the refrigerator is across from stove, creating a bottle. Lucky for us, we both have worked in restaurants and know the rule about “behind you, and coming through ” plus we are very polite! Haha! I guess that is one of the most important things in a galley kitchen to plan for.
    I love the lighter colors , and maximizing storage space.
    I’ve love to send a photo of my kitchen with the Ikea “walnut countertop” I used in it!

    • Hi Teresa,

      I’m so glad you loved this article! I’ve never worked in a kitchen but I’ve watched plenty of Top Chef to know what you’re talking about! We just finished the galley remodel of ours – I love the way it turned out. I’d love to see a photo of yours anytime! 🙂 And I agree about multiple layers of lighting – it does make a huge difference!

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