Creepy Halloween Mantel Scarves Under $25

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Check out this roundup for the best Halloween mantel scarves under $25! Plus, get easy ideas for decorating your Halloween Mantel this year.

halloween mantel all dressed up for Halloween with a black guaze mantel scarf
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I feel like I always say this but Halloween and Fall are my absolute favorites times of the year (followed very, very closely by Christmas). This year, we are going to throw my son Tyler a Halloween themed Birthday party.

So that means I need to kick my Halloween decor up a notch.

I’ve been seeing these Halloween mantel scarves all over and I’ve rounded up the best ones for under $25! Because, who wants to spend a TON of a mantel scarf? Not me!

By the way, if you wanted to DIY this – you can. I’ll show you one VERY easy way to do this below. You could also make an easy DIY Halloween banner.

What is a Mantel Scarf?

You may be asking yourself this question because at first, I was like, “a whaaaat?” But essentially, it’s some sort of decorative fabric that sits on top of mantel and drapes over the edge in the front. Like a scarf would on your neck. Kind of? Do you know what I mean?

Anyways, there are a lot of these out there. Most of Halloween mantel scarves are triangle-shaped fabric or lace fabric. Lace can be very spooky.

And you can also look into mantel scarves for other holidays as well. So keep this on the back burner.

Halloween Mantel Scarves Under $25

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How to Make your Own Mantel Scarf for Halloween

draping a black creepy cloth over mantel as halloween scarf

A simple way to make your own mantel scarf is just to buy black cheesecloth or gauze and drape it over your mantel. Of course, I’m partial to this look and I love the DIY aspect of it. You can even use one to drape over a white tablecloth or your couch.

Check out these Halloween Decorations to see what I mean.

Easy Peasy!

Amazon sells a bunch of black lace and black cheesecloths. See below!

Until next time!

xo Karen

featured image via Martha Stewart.

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