This Homemade Heating Pad with Rice is Instant Comfort

When a sore muscle needs soothing, a homemade heating pad with rice can be a comforting and practical solution. Made with inexpensive materials, this DIY heating pad provides a gentle, natural heat that eases tension and promotes relaxation.

Whether seeking relief from aches and pains or simply craving cozy warmth on a cold day (it’s so good), creating your own heating pad with rice offers a customizable and budget-friendly alternative to store-bought options. Cold-feet people, this one is for you.

how to make a homemade heating pad with rice

Making these heating pads is similar to my scented sachets project but much more straightforward. There is no sewing involved, no essential oils (unless you want to), and it’s cheap.

By the way, this project is a fantastic craft for kids. And these heating pads serve as a soothing bedtime buddy for them when they are sick or have an earache.

how to make a homemade heating pad with rice

Things You’ll Need

  • A pair of long Cotton Socks (no copper or silver socks) – Men’s Dollar Store cotton socks are perfect!
  • Uncooked Milled White Rice
  • Cup or Small Mason Jar (for filling the socks with rice)
  • Microwave – for heating!

How to Make a Homemade Heating Pad with Rice

  1. Fill a glass or mason jar with uncooked rice (and drops of essential oils, if using). Have a pair of socks at the ready.
  2. Place one clean sock over the glass and fill the sock with rice. Repeat 2-3 times until the sock is filled about 3/4 way up. You don’t want the heating pad to be rock-hard; the rice should have room to move around.
  3. Tie a tight knot at the end of the sock. Enjoy!
how to make a homemade heating pad with rice

Optional: Place another clean sock over the top and tie a knot at the end. Using two socks, you can create a washable cover and enhance the durability of your heating pad.

How to Use This Heating Pad

Place your heating pad sock in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Then, enjoy! You may have to test the time initially to determine your desired heat level.

Thinner socks will be much hotter out of the microwave, so be careful and test after every 30 seconds. (I have been guilty of making these “too hot” to use. You have to wait for them to cool down some.)

Also, the uncooked rice does give off a little odor when heated. My kids say it smells like Mac & Cheese.

How Long Does It Stay Hot?

I tested this homemade heating pad after microwaving it for 2.5 minutes. It stayed hot for about 25 minutes and warm for at least an hour. This might vary depending on your microwave wattage.

how to make a homemade heating pad with rice

How to Store

The beauty of milled, or white rice, is that it can last forever when properly stored. We keep our heating pads stored in a cupboard in the kitchen and have never had issues with it. When we need to use it, we whip it out and microwave it. We always put it back after it’s cooled down.

My kids love these homemade heating pads. You can make one for each family member and have them pick out their favorite socks. Have some fun with it!

Or, send a care package with instructions to your loved ones. College kids would surely appreciate the comfort!