How to Double your Closet Space with One Simple Swap

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This one simple swap completely changed my closet (my life) – without getting rid of any clothes.  (Ultimately, I did end up purging a few outfits).  Find out how to double your closet space on the cheap!

Lately, I’ve been on this humongous purge effort throughout the house.  You know the one where you go to put something away and suddenly you are three closets deep and filling up boxes worth of stuff to donate??  

Yea, that kind of purge effort.  Gotta strike while the iron’s hot I guess!  My poor husband.  I tell him I’ll be right back and hours later he finds me elbow deep in drawers.  I guess that’s why my nickname is ‘Sidetrack’.  Kidding (I’m not kidding.)

So anyway, I knew I wanted to tackle our master bedroom closet.  It became such a nightmare and I had stuff actually laying out across my dresser, like it was a horizontal closet or something.  We basically just needed more room.

How to Double your Closet Space

So the question is …

How do you get more room in your existing closet without getting rid of any clothes?  

You switch to these space saving hangers.  That’s how.

I read on a professional organizer’s website that they don’t use those fancy wooden hangers (which is what I was using because I thought they were stylish – ha!)

They all use huggable hangers!!

I did some research to figure out what the best huggable hangers were for the price.  I basically got it narrowed down to two choices.  One is more pricey than the other but offers many colors and accessories (like clips to hold pants and skirts), while this huggable hanger  is just your basic huggable hanger available on Amazon.  I’m sure you are not surprised to hear that I tried the Amazon ones first because of the reviews and the price and boy was I NOT sorry.

These hangers have changed my life!

I really wanted to purchase the Amazon Basics kind, but the reviews say that they leave lint on the clothes and that they broke easily.  I just didn’t want to take a chance. 

UPDATE:  I’ve tried the Amazon Basics kind and they did not disappoint!  I would recommend trying them for the cost savings but stick to the neutral color over the black.

These hangers come neatly packaged in sets wrapped in plastic.

double your closet space, use space saving hangers.

Here are the before photos of our closet.  eek!  Yes I actually have clothes hanging up on a 2nd bar near the ceiling of the closet (see that jean jacket in the upper right?)  It’s like a row in front of a row.  Genius idea – NOT!  I also didn’t like the mismatch of the hangers.  Everything hung at different heights.  Our clothes were literally smashed in there!

A photo of a closet space before organizing.

Here is the after! Full disclosure – I did get rid of 4 articles of clothing while I was doing this BUT look at that space!  It doubled in size!  We have this whole middle section now just completely empty.  It looks so much neater.  I am a changed woman!  And now I am obsessed with making over every closet in this house with huggable hangers.  They do make kids size huggable hangers too, FYI.

The after :  showing the closet with tons more room after using space saving hangers
closet with shirts hanging
Closet with more room after organizing - how to double your closet space

If you are still using those clunky wooden hangers or the hangers from the stores that they send you home with, definitely make the switch to these when you can.  It will look so much more organized and you will have so much more space in your closet.

Can you guys believe that space? What’s your favorite space saving technique? Have a great week and talk to you all soon!

xo Karen

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