My best tips for how to keep white sheets white – plus a good hack for soaking clothes in a front loader machine.

If you’ve ever looked at the fancy beds of designers and home influencers, they usually have one thing in common.

White Bedding.

I’m a huge fan of white bedding myself.

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I like to bring in color through throw pillows and coverlets or blankets (and sometimes I go crazy for the patterned sheet sets).

how to keep white sheets white - my tips for keeping your white bedding white and bright

There is nothing that feels more hotel-like than some crisp white sheets and a fluffy white comforter on the bed.

But how do you keep it from looking dull and dingy and yellowed?

White bedding looks great as long as it’s still white! It’s not one to hide stains and lint like other colors.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite tips that keep our bedding white and bright!

Let’s dive right in.

Tips for How to Keep White Sheets White

1. Do Not Use Bleach

First things first. Do not reach for the bleach.

Bleach is very harsh and causes yellowing over time. A lot of people don’t realize this. I didn’t realize it at first either but I’m glad I know better now.

Bleach is not your friend when it comes to keeping whites white.

how to keep white sheets white - my tips for keeping your white bedding white and bright

I use OxyClean White Revive instead. No Bleach and it really works!

2. Wash Regularly

Regularly washing your whites is not only good for keeping them white, but it’s also healthier. At least every two weeks you should wash your whites (once a week is even better!) While I wash most things on a cold water wash, for white sheets and towels, hot water is the way to go. (The Laundress confirmed this!)

Be mindful of how much detergent you are using – more is not better. Most people use way too much! Add in some white vinegar to your softener dispenser and that should help with rinsing your whites and cleaning your machine.

3. Prevent Stains and Dirt

This one is kind of obvious but goes a long way towards keeping your white bedding white and bright.

Take off your makeup at night to avoid mascara and lipstick stains. Don’t eat in bed. Keep a coverlet or a throw on your bed if you have kids/dogs. I have this one from Target and LOVE it.

Here are some more favorites I rounded up for you.

How to Keep White Sheets White

I don’t know about you, but my kids and dog follow me everywhere and jump on my bed regularly.

The coverlet prevents stains and mud. My dog lays on the coverlet instead of our white bedding and it really helps to keep it white and bright.

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It’s much easier to wash a coverlet than a whole comforter!

4. Soak Your Whites

The trick to KEEPING your white bedding and sheets white is to occasionally SOAK your whites. I do it every other month or so in between washes or as needed.

how to keep white sheets white - my tips for keeping your white bedding white and bright

You can do this one of two ways.

  • I use Oxyclean White Revive. It’s the best for keeping your whites white! I soak my bedding for about 6 hours in the bathtub. Just fill your tub with hot water so it covers your laundry, put in your OxyClean (the directions state 1 scoop per gallon of water), and then submerge your whites and let them stay there. After 6 hours, drain the tub and wring out your bedding as best you can. Then transfer your bedding to a large (CLEAN!) storage bin and carry it to the washing machine. I’ll be honest – that trip from the bathtub to the washing machine is not fun (and a bit of a workout). But it’s worth it! Then, when you wash your whites – wash them with detergent AND Oxyclean again.
  • The second method is with distilled vinegar, lemons, baking soda, hot water, and dish soap. You can find tons of tutorials online, but I find the Oxyclean method much easier since it’s one product and dump and go.

(You can also try this viral Laundry Stripping method. Gross, but kind of cool!)

Hint: If you have a top loader machine, you can soak your whites right in the machine tub, but what do you do if you have a front loader? You hack it!

How to Hack Your Front Loader and Soak your Whites

I still find that the bathtub method works the best for soaking bedding. However, I’ve tried this in a pinch. Here’s how to hack your front loader.

First, put your white sheets or comforter into the drum.

Add in a scoop or two of OxyClean White Revive and close the door.

Start a wash load using the hottest water setting.

You’ll hear the drum start to turn and the water start to fill. The door will click and lock. Let the drum fill for a few minutes. On my washing machine, it says “Fill” when filling and “Wash” when washing.

Push the stop button on your machine before it gets to the Wash cycle. Let it stay there and soak.

When you are done soaking, push the button to resume the cycle. Easy peasy!

You may also have a “Pre-wash/Soak” setting on your front-loading machine. The Prewash is a short cycle that will soak your laundry for a bit (5 minutes or less), then wash, then drain the water and start a whole new cycle.

I personally don’t have a soak setting on my machine – which is why I find the soak hack method to be the best for me at this time.

Now over to you!

I love sharing our knowledge together on these things. If you have a good trick or tip for keeping your whites white – I’m all ears. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

Thanks for being here today!

Xo Karen