How to Make Your Bathroom Spa Like

Ahhhhhhhh. What is it about the word “spa” that feels so, well, relaxing?

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What if you could create your own personal spa at home?

You can!

Today, I’m showing you how to do just that.

I believe any bathroom can be turned into your own personal oasis.

It doesn’t matter what size or how fancy it already is – you can take these ideas and turn your current bathroom into a dream.

Use white fluffy towels in your bathroom

We currently have a small bathroom in our craftsman and it’s not very updated. We recently framed our mirror and that improved things quite a bit for us. Now – just a few more touches to add to that spa atmosphere.

Since we are spending more time at home, let’s make home as enjoyable as it can be.

Slip on your robe and start the bubble bath …. let’s do this!

How to Make your Bathroom Spa Like

In a nutshell, here are the steps to creating a spa atmosphere. Let’s go through each one in more detail though.

  1. Clear some space
  2. Use the “nice” towels
  3. Upgrade your shower curtain
  4. Set out Pretty Accessories
  5. Hang calming artwork
  6. Sprinkle in some Greenery
  7. Install a better showerhead

Clear some space

It’s going to be hard to create a spa atmosphere if there’s clutter everywhere! Take some time to go through your bathroom cabinets and clear out anything you haven’t used or past its prime. Clear as much as you can off your bathroom counters and find some storage for these items in the cabinet underneath or in a pretty catchall basket.

Use the Nice Towels

Use white fluffy towels in your bathroom

A set of beautiful, fluffy towels is essential for your spa bathroom. This reminds me of a story. So my mom used to have towels for us and nice towels for guests. We weren’t allowed to use the nice towels. I’m kind of laughing now because those “nice” towels barely got used! We rarely had company that would stay overnight.

So go on and use those nice, fluffy towels for you and your family. You deserve it! I am preferable to white towels. We have this set and they are fabulous for the price! White towels just feel more luxurious and more like what a spa would carry. You can keep them white and bright with white vinegar and OxiClean. More on that in another post.

Upgrade your Shower Curtain

If your shower curtain is dark or blah, upgrading to something brighter and nicer will definitely go a long way. Here’s a few helpful suggestions:

  • Use a fabric shower curtain and liner
  • A longer shower curtain hung higher up will instantly make your bathroom ceilings feel grander
  • Add some pizzazz to your shower curtain by sewing a simple tassel trim on the bottom.
Add tassel trim to your shower curtain

In our bathroom, I purchased this lovely waffle weave shower curtain and sewed this tassel trim to it. It was so easy and it adds a little extra detail.

Hint: Can’t get your shower curtain to stay put? Forget those shower rods! Hang it with a curtain rod and ceiling-mounted brackets, like this one.

hang shower curtain from the ceiling

Set out Pretty Accessories

Now that we’ve cleaned up our counters, we are going to thoughtfully add some beautiful accessories. Bonus points if these accessories are meaningful to you some way, like an heirloom tray that your grandmother gave you. Ideas for accessories can be anything from trays to soap dishes (I’m using a clay pot saucer here as a soap dish), pretty soaps and canisters, and Turkish hand towels.

Candles are also essential. That’s why you always see them at spas. I love going to HomeGoods or TJ Maxx for candles. I can usually find really pretty containers and then repurpose them into DIY soy candles when they run out.

candles in your bathroom are essential

But remember to keep it thoughtful and curated – don’t go overboard or we’ll end up back at square one.

Hang Calming Artwork

Reserve the “Please wash your hands” sign for your kids bathroom and incorporate some soothing artwork in yours. Artwork is subjective so go with anything that makes you feel calmer and happier. For me, it’s these pretty bird prints that I found on public domain and had printed on Amazon for less than 2 bucks! And the frames are from Dollar Tree. The gold frame adds just enough bling.

hang soothing artowrk in bathroom

Sprinkle in Some Greenery

No room feels quite complete until you bring in nature. For my bathroom, I added in a few sprigs of dried eucalyptus. But your own backyard is a great source for greens! Clip a few long branches off and stick them in a vase. If you have a larger vanity, go dramatic with long branches. If you have a smaller space, like ours, a few sprigs in a bud vase work well. It’s amazing the difference just bringing in some green will do.

how to make your bathroom spa like
how to make your bathroom like a spa

Install a Better Showerhead

The final touch! You will be surprised how much a new showerhead will change your life. When we changed ours to this one, which is fairly inexpensive, my husband and I were both giddy at the difference. Your shower will feel that much more refreshing. Like you just came from the spa. 🙂

How to Make Your Bathroom Spa Like - Ahhhhhhhh. What is it about the word "spa" that feels so, well, relaxing?

You don’t need to spend a lot to make your bathroom feel like a spa. A few thoughtful upgrades and decor touches are all you need. Let’s give this a go. And send me a pic of your spa-like bathroom on my Facebook page when you’re done! I want to see all the prettiness!

Thanks for visiting today!

xo Karen