How to Organize Games (The Clever Space Saving Way)

how to organize games and puzzles

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My family loves playing board games together. The Matching Game, Sequence and Uno are some of our favorites. But our board game storage was a hot mess. And some of the boxes have seen better days.

I found a method for how to organize games and puzzles that’s been, well, a game changer for us. Pun intended.

If your board games are taking over the house and/or you just can’t look at another bulky ripped game box, then read on.

how to organize puzzles and games - these zipper pouches are the best!
how to organize puzzles and games - these zipper pouches are the best!

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How to Organize Games and Puzzles

First, a little housekeeping is in order. Before we organize, let’s take stock of what we have. Pull everything out and bring it into one area.

Make a few piles in the following categories:

  • Games/puzzles you want to keep
  • Games/puzzles you want to donate
  • Games/puzzles with missing/broken pieces that you need to trash

Some good places to donate your old games and puzzles are Goodwill or Salvation Army, schools (ask your kids teachers), nursing homes, shelters and churches. I found that we had games hanging around that we haven’t touched in years! That’s a huge space saver right there.

The Large Zipper Organizers to the Rescue

For the games and puzzles that we had left to organize, I purchased these large zipper pouches. They are mesh and clear so you can see through them and they’re also water-resistant. Perfect to take on trips.

how to organize games with these pocket folders

I found most games and puzzles will fit in these pouches, including some boards that fold into quarters. However, some game boards are just too big to fit. (Checkers – I’m looking at you). In that case, you can keep the original box if it’s in good condition or try to find a larger zipper pouch that fits.

While this board game storage idea didn’t work for every game, I still managed to save a huge amount of space. My kids find it much easier to go through our game collection. And it’s much easier to put away.

how to organize puzzles and games - these zipper pouches are the best!

How we Organize Games and Puzzles in these Pouches

For each game, I organized them into their own zipper pouch and included all pieces, cards, and the game instructions. For puzzles, I cut out a picture of the puzzle to keep with the pieces for reference.

how to organize puzzle and games - these zipper pouches are a lifesaver!

You can also store a multitude of card games in one zipper pouch! The trick is to divide each card game up and secure them with rubber bands. Or, just use one of the smaller zipper pouches they sell and organize them on their own.

how to organize games with these pocket folders

After I organized all the games/puzzles into these pouches, I labeled little tags with the puzzle description or board game name and tied it to the zipper on the pouch. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a label maker or even print out a cute picture or something. Maybe take a pic of the game/puzzle on one of those cute polaroids and attach it. Fun!

How to Store these Zipper Pouches

These pouches lay flat or can be propped up inside your closets and cabinets. If game night is a regular occurrence at your house, you might want to store these pouches in your living room with easy access. A storage ottoman is a great place, a toy box/bench, or even the TV console. You don’t need a ton of space to store these zipper pouches.

I can’t tell you enough how much better this board game storage system is! And I can’t believe how much space we got back after removing those bulky tattered boxes.

how to organize games with these pocket folders

And did I mention these pouches are also great for travel!? I’ll say it again! We always bring a game or two with us on a trip – now you can just grab a pouch and go without sacrificing a bunch of trunk space. Because they are water-resistant, they are safe to bring to the beach.

Every year, I make a point to go through our toy/game stash and reorganize as needed. If your board games are taking over your house – I highly recommend you try this method. Cheers to the next game night!

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