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How to organize medicine at home

Did you guys know that you shouldn’t store your medications in the bathroom?  I know!  Most people have a “medicine” cabinet in the bathroom, behind the mirror, right? But actually, medication needs to be stored at a stable temperature with low humidity.  (Not a bathroom environment!)  It will cause your medication to expire faster.  And who wants to take expired medication when you have a headache? Read on to see how to organize medicine at home.

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We actually store our medication in the linen cabinet in the hallway.  Correction :  We store our kids medicine in the linen cabinet.  It’s up on a high shelf so the kids don’t have access to it.  It’s clearly labeled too!  Which makes it so easy at 2am when you are dealing with your kids ear infection.  We keep the adult medications stored in our bedroom.  Since I just recently overhauled our linen cabinet, I thought this would be a good time to show you how we organize our medicine at home.  Ok, I’m really just showing you how to organize the kids medicines at this time.  🙂

How to Organize Medicine at Home

The first thing I did was go through the medicine and tossed anything that expired.  I use my favorite clear bins to store our medications and divide them up by type of medication.  One clear bin is used for colds and pain.  So, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Cough Medicines, Vicks Baby Rub, Thermometers and antihistamines.  We have both the liquid and pill versions of tylenol/ibuprofen since our two kids are different ages.  (That’s why it looks like we have so much medicine!)  I labeled it with a gift tag and attached it with jute twine.  It reads:  Kids Medicine :  Colds and Pain.

How to Organize Medicine at Home

The second clear bin holds everything for First Aid.  Neosporin, Rubbing Alcohol, Gloves, Bandaids, bandages, gauze etc.  I labeled this bin :  First Aid.

I also put two different colors of washi tape on the labels.  Perhaps one day I will just know them by color!

How to Organize Medicine at Home

You can also store your medication in the kitchen, but make sure it is away from the refrigerator and stove.  Again, we don’t want temperature fluctuations to affect the potency of the medication.  I’m not a pharmacist, but I’ve read that its best to go through your medicine every 6 months and discard anything that has expired.  For our adult medicines, we pretty much keep everything together in a pullout drawer in our bedroom.  But I do have to go through those soon too!

This is a great little weekend project.  I hope this gave you some inspiration to get organizing! Talk to you soon!

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