How to Sew a Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Today, I’m showing you how to make the perfect party hostess gift. Learn how to sew a wine bottle gift bag in 5 minutes.

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Wine, flowers, food.

According to etiquette experts, these can all make great hostess gifts. Or really bad ones.


wine bottle gift bags

Well, wine and food gifts could imply that you expect the host to serve it that night.

Flowers, if not in already in a vase, force the hostess to stop what he/she is doing … get out a vase … fill it with water … blah, blah, blah.

My personal opinion? I think we are getting a little carried away here. A gift is a gift.

Why do I bring this up?

Because a beautiful wine bag can be a great way to present a host with your favorite bottle of wine, without forcing them to feel like they have to open it right then and there.

It’s a nice presentation that doesn’t go unnoticed.

So, that’s what we are doing today! And here’s the best part …

These wine bags cost almost nothing to make!

And can be made quickly.

Like, in 5 minutes.

Grab some fabric, (you don’t need much), fire up the sewing machine and make a few of these DIY wine bags. The next time you are invited to a party – you’ll know what to bring. And how to present it!

Materials Needed

How to Sew a Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Follow these steps to make a pretty DIY wine bag.

Step 1: Cut your fabric

cut fabric into a square shape, you can also cut a small piece as string

Unless you are gifting a GIANT bottle of wine or champagne, these measurements should work for you.

Cut a square of fabric that is 11 inches wide by 15 inches long.

You can also cut a small strip of fabric to use a bag tie, otherwise, just use regular ol’ ribbon or string or twine!

Step 2: Fold Fabric in Half

fold your fabric in half

Fold your square in half, with the right sides facing in.

Step 3: Sew Open Seams Together and Flip Right Side Out

Now we just need to sew the open seams closed.

Since we folded the fabric in half we only have two sides that need to be sewn.

sew the open seams shut on your wine bag
insert your wine bottle into the bag

Once your seams are sewn shut, then carefully flip your wine bag right side out.

I purposely kept the top of the wine bag unsewn for a more casual, frayed look. Plus, it’s just one less thing to do for this project! However, if you prefer a neater look, just sew down a quick hem on the top of the bag.

And that’s it! Just put your wine or champagne in the bag and use a pretty satin ribbon or some jute twine to tie it shut.

wine bottle gift bag with jute twine

You can also print a gift tag and tie it up with the string to the bottle.

How easy is that! And how much prettier does your wine look presented in this way?

how to sew a wine bottle gift bag

Wine Bag Fabric Ideas

I used this classic ticking stripe fabric to make these wine bottle gift bags, but you can use any kind of fabric you want.

Here are some additional ideas for fabric choices …

  • Linen fabric with a white satin ribbon
  • Plaid fabric for Holidays/Fall
  • Floral fabric for Spring and Summer
  • Classic Farmhouse Fabric (like Grain Sack or Ticking Stripe) with jute twine for the country lovers!
  • Red or Green Velvet for Holidays

Along with those classics, you can always find more kitschy fabric to make a statement. Golf lover? Make a wine bag with golf fabric! Superbowl party? Find fabric with the team logo! At the beach? Find some coastal fabric.

I guarantee you the host will appreciate it and might even ask you where you got the cute wine bag!

Now hop on over to my free printables page to get your free printable wine tags. A perfect companion to these wine bags.

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xo Karen