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Take a plain, cheap, boring Christmas wreath and turn it into something you are proud to display. Get all the tips and tricks for how to style your store bought Christmas wreath here!

Hey friends!  Last week we were out of town.  If you follow my instagram (here), then you saw the palm tree pictures.  We were in Palm Springs with family for Thanksgiving.  We stayed at this mid century modern ranch with a pool. It was so cool!  I actually brought back some cool ideas for decor (in my head, that is), but they will have to wait until after Christmas.  

For this month, there is plenty to talk about!  Our grocery stores around here are filled with fresh Christmas trees, wreaths and swag just waiting to be picked up.  I wish I could take them all!  The Christmas wreaths are pretty and smell great, but they could use a little zhushing.  

Actually, I have an old Christmas wreath which I’ve used for the last few years.  It’s okaaaay, not very exciting and a bit dated in my opinion.  This year I wanted something different.  A little more organic and green.  I’m shying away from red this year a bit and going with more greens and blues.  So, this post is about styling up those old wreaths.

In fact, this is a great DIY for a thrift store find or a hand me down. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how expensive wreaths can be. It’s nuts! This is a great way to take a blah wreath and make it into something really really beautiful.

If you have enough time and a little more budget, Michael’s and Afloral are great for faux greenery and florals.

Anyways, here is the wreath in question.  I don’t mind a lot of it, but I wanted to take off the red flowers and add a bit more organic greens from the yard.  

The greenery on it looks really fake. I’m soooo picky about that.

Remove what you don't want from your old wreath

This first thing to do with those wreaths is to take off what you don’t want. For me, it was those big, loud, too-red flowers. Gone!

These greens from our Camellia tree should do the trick.  They have glossy leaves and little buds which add some character. By the way, you have to see this tree in all its glory in the Spring. It’s breathtaking.

Snip evergreen branches from your yard to fill out your wreath

I used green floral wire and wire cutters to pin the branches to my wreath.

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You basically just loop the wire through on top of the stem and twist it shut in the back.

Use floral wire to attach the new greenery or flowers to your old wreath.

Ta-da!  Easy peasy.  I definitely like this but it needs a little something extra.

DIY: How to Style your Store Bought Christmas Wreath

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These bells should work!  And they sound like Christmas.  They are actually gift toppers.  I used jute string to tie them to the wreath.

Use bells to add a final touch to your wreaths

Here’s how it looks on our front door.  I used a clear wreath hanger from Amazon.  They work well and you get two in a pack!

Christmas wreath on a front door.

So easy and fresh looking!  Just the difference I was looking for.  And I didn’t have to buy an expensive new wreath.

Closeup photo of a Christmas wreath.

What do you guys think?  You can also ask your local Christmas tree shops and grocery stores for their tree scraps. They add a nice touch to your Christmas wreaths as well and free is always the best.  

Stay tuned for more holiday posts coming your way.

Thanks for reading!

xo Karen