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This is the absolute best fruit fly trap and gnat trap too. Best of all – you don’t need anything fancy and there’s no chemicals involved.

How to Trap Fruit Flies - DIY trap with a few simple ingredients!

Summer is here! Which means summer fruits and veggies are here. Which means you probably have a bowl of produce sitting out in your kitchen somewhere. Which means you might have fruit flies. UGH!!

Learn how to trap those pesky fruit flies (and fungus gnats) with this easy DIY trap.

We tend to keep most of our produce in the fridge. However, there are some fruits and veggies that prefer room temps. Like delicious summer tomatoes and sweet corn on the cob.

Love the produce. Hate the flies.

Why does it seem like whenever I drink a glass of wine, a fruit fly comes from out of nowhere to join me? Is there anything more annoying than a fruit fly buzzing around you? Especially when enjoying a nice glass of wine?

Ingredients needed to trap Fruit Flies

So, I created this DIY fruit fly trap from a tutorial I saw in a magazine and I’m sharing it with you here. I made this in about 5 minutes using an old bud vase I had. And it works like a charm!

You probably have most, if not all, the ingredients at home already. So you can do this now – woot!

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

  1. Take a small bud vase or a vase with a narrow opening (not required, see #3) and add some apple cider vinegar. Enough to cover the bottom. You can also add wine!
  2. Squirt a few drops of dish soap into the vase with the vinegar. Any dish soap will do. This will make it so the fruit flies can’t just sit on top of the vinegar.
  3. The small neck of the bud vase is enough to prevent the fruit flies from coming back out. If you have a wider jar, like a mason jar, just cover the top with saran wrap and seal it with a rubber band or piece of twine. Poke a few holes in the saran wrap. They can get in – but they can’t get out.
  4. Leave this vase or jar on your kitchen counter or wherever you are seeing the gnats and fruit flies. You will start to see dead flies and gnats collect in the vase. It’s a very satisfying feeling. 🙂

Fruit flies cannot resist this concoction for whatever reason. I’m just happy to be able to drink a glass of wine without them. I’m telling you from the time I made this and put it out, it took about a day but the fruit flies just vanished. It’s been wonderful.

How to Trap Fruit Flies - DIY trap with a few simple ingredients!

Here’s another small tip: Wash your bananas and other produce when you come home from the store! Fruit flies lay on the surface of fruit and veggies and lay eggs there. By washing the produce when you get home and drying them off after, you rinse away all those future fruit flies that would be pestering you in your kitchen.

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And that’s it the best fruit fly trap. Easy, right?

Enjoy your weekend!

XO Karen