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I’ve picked up a bunch of inexpensive home decor items from Amazon and other stores recently and today I’m showing you my new home goods!

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the tour!

Our House Lately

I’ve linked up some of the products in the paragraphs below, but also at the bottom of the post under the “Shop the Post” heading. Just click on the picture for more information. 🙂


red persian rug in bathroom - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
colorful rugs give a neutral room some character

I’ve never shown you guys this bathroom before. The walls in here used to be puke beige. That’s the only way I can describe it. It was a greenish, brownish beige. Since I finally finished my painting project – I’m excited to be starting to show (and decorate) this room.

The white paint (Behr Ultra Pure White) really brightened things up in here. But I still needed a pop of color. The room was looking a bit flat with the light tan tiles and white walls. This red rug I picked up from Amazon did just the trick. It is so soft as is but I added a rug pad underneath so nobody would slip coming out of the shower. It’s been the perfect addition to this bathroom.

Now I just need to add some artwork and accessories! Stay tuned for more ideas about decorating your bathroom on a budget.


outdoor paper lanterns - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
white paper lanterns for your outdoor space

Moving right into our next room – or outdoor space, rather. While I would love a new table and chairs set, (I’m eyeing this set on Target), I bought a few of these paper lanterns to make the space feel more fun. I love them! They were pretty easy to put together after I figured it out. And they were super cheap!

If you are throwing an outdoor party or just want to kick your outdoor spaces up a notch (or indoor spaces like a kid’s room or playroom), I highly recommend this set. They give you a ton of lanterns for the price. I attached mine to my umbrella using jute twine and they have stayed up despite rainy and windy days here in the PNW.

I can’t wait until our vines grow up the fence in the back there. This space needs a green backdrop stat!

Hannah’s Room

vintage watercolor artwork - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
See the Cloud Print Here

Ahhh! The first peek into my daughter’s room since I finished the painting project. This is the same color paint as the bathroom, Behr Ultra Pure White.

Once our renovation completed, her room actually changed as we did a bit of switch and moved the master bedroom to the main floor. (You can get a peek of her old room here which no longer exists!) It also gives you an idea of how styles evolve. I wouldn’t say that her room before was bad, but my style has completely changed since then. Isn’t it funny to look back though?

Anyways, her room now has a ton of character – loft ceiling, paneled walls, and wood beams! The puke beige that used to be on her paneled walls was not doing this room any favors. Sorry, I know I’m saying puke beige a lot.

Her room just felt boring and dark. So – with this new white paint scheme going on, I’m happy to report that it looks amazing in there!

This cloud watercolor art print in a vintage frame makes me happy. It’s from my Etsy Shop and it gives the perfect pop of blue to her white walls. I like the combination of this artwork with her pastel peach bedding. (PS: Her room is going to be an ongoing series of DIYs. The first one is up! Check out the distressed IKEA hack mirror trick.)

Our Room

Blue Bedroom with wood furniture- inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
Make your own lumbar pillow for your bedroom

Not much has changed in our bedroom except this addition of this rug, which used to sit in our living room. But I wanted to show you this cool lumbar pillow I made (or at least half of it!)

I got the insert and fabric from Amazon. The insert is amazing – I’m thinking of using this company more now. It’s soft and full and squishy. And I loved this fabric and knew immediately that I was going to make a pillow cover with it.

Want to make pillows too? Check out these posts …

Living Room

black jute living room rug with white walls - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
Pottery Barn chunky jute rug

Surprise! We got a new living room rug! This rug was a bit of a risk. I had a regular jute rug picked out but then my husband saw this and I decided to take a chance on it. With all bright, white walls, we felt the color of the rug grounded the space and also provided some texture and contrast.

It is incredibly soft on your feet. This rug was a really good deal. We got it on sale at Pottery Barn. You can’t tell from the photo here but it’s HUGE! The color will also hide a bunch of dirt (looking at you, kids + dog).

Now, I have to work on my pillow game here! Needs some color …


open kitchen shelving with gray blue accent wall - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
Make a pedestal bowl!

Anyone else always changing around their kitchen stuff? It’s driving my husband crazy LOL. Remember the pedestal bowl DIY? Here is it displayed on our kitchen shelves. And yes, there is a sugar canister up there. Oops. Forgot to take that down for the photo.

Why? Ummmm, because of my kids. I think you can guess what was happening when I had it next to our coffee maker. Haha.

Front Door

lion door knocker - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
Lion doorknocker

Check out our new Lion Doorknocker!

We always wanted one of these and my husband found this pretty vintage brass one on Etsy. It’s the perfect finishing touch for the door. While this one was one of a kind, I found a very similar doorknocker. Etsy is such a good place to find vintage decor pieces.


Change up your cabinets by replacing the knobs - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
new black knobs help this cabinet stand out

This built-in cabinet is as old as our house (circa the 1920s). I recently switched out the clear knobs, that practically disappeared into the white, with these inexpensive black knobs from Amazon. It looks so much better! I am amazed at the difference with this simple cheap fix.

And I have to say, the drawers are much more sturdy to open and close. The old knobs were very loose!

Tyler’s Room

Accordion Wall Rack in Boys Room - inexpensive home decor finds from Amazon and other stores! Check out this post! #homedecorideas
accordion racks can be used in every room

I finally added this accordion rack to my sons’ room! I posted his room tour not too long ago and I was waiting for this to arrive. I love the look. We keep his hats and his headphones hung here. Once the weather turns, I’ll be teaching him to hang his sweatshirts and winter hats here, too. Wish me luck! 🙂

So, that about wraps it up! The biggest change lately is the paint job. By the way, Behr Ultra Pure White is almost an exact match to BM Chantilly Lace. I had the paint from our living room matched at Home Depot and Ultra Pure White came up right away.

Now our stairwell and upstairs feel a little more connected to the downstairs. I don’t miss the puke beige AT ALL. (Sorry for the puke word again). Thanks for checking out our new goods!

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I’ll be taking the next week to spend some time with the family but I’ll be back soon after with some new DIYs.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment. Have a great week!

xo Karen

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    • Thank you so much, Tara! I cannot tell you how much I am loving the white! I’m looking forward to seeing updates about your kitchen too!

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