Here is where I’m showcasing the latest and greatest from around the web — anything in the design world that really moves me, and hopefully you too.

Perusing my favorite home sites, like House & Garden, Rue, and more, is what keeps me motivated to keep creating and designing. There are so many lovely things to see out there in this world. Here’s a very small piece of that.

I hope you take some inspiration from these, as I do. Sources for photos are listed below each gallery or in the caption.

Here’s what’s Inspiring me lately

→I’m inspired by all things Fall and Halloween! This week happens to be rainy and glum, which is a welcome change from all the humidity and relentless sun we’ve had rece. It feels like a change is coming, I can feel it. These pictures are giving me all the inspiration to get my Fall decor in gear!

Paper Lanterns. I love all these paper lantern pendant lights I’m seeing lately. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also give your spaces that soft, diffused light look that’s simply dreamy in the evening hours.

Luckily, a lot of stores are hopping on this trend with their own versions of paper lantern lighting so that you can pick one up pretty easily. I’m partial to IKEA (which has had a bunch for a long time) and these from Design Within Reach. These paper lanterns work in all rooms – even a covered outdoor area – so use your imagination to get “glowing.”

Moody Bedrooms – You guys know I love a good moody space; these bedrooms are no exception. There is something about a moody bedroom; like the color just embraces you at night in warmth and coziness. We have one bedroom wall painted navy blue, and I’m considering diving ALL in with this color on the rest of the walls.

Checkerboard Floors – You may have seen more checkerboard floors yourself lately; these are definitely popular right now. If my husband agrees – I will be considering trying this look on a bathroom floor but painting the tile. It would be a project, but I have a feeling I would be in love!

Tiny Art in Gold Frames – I noticed that I have a million of these little art prints (5x7s) in gold frames saved everywhere! It’s definitely something I’m gravitating towards. Not only is it more affordable to print, but with the right frame, it can add sophistication to a small wall that needs a little something. I love these little moments in design. Shop Heirloom Art Co. & Old Fangled Print Shop.

Ditsy Wallpaper – I might be using this word incorrectly, but I’m loving these small print floral wallpapers. Shop Chasing Paper & Overstock

Textured Boucle Pillows – these are my absolute fave right now. I prefer to bring in a bit of pattern through artwork and rugs and keep the curtains and pillows neutral. But – I still want a good dose of texture and comfort. These boucle pillows are a steal on Amazon, and you can find them in just about any color.

Black kitchen (Light & Dwell): The thought of black cabinets can scare people, but this shows how beautiful it can be when done right. And I love those wood pantry doors. Thinking of something similar for an entrance to our bathroom. These touches are what add character to your home!

Art Deco Dresser (Apartment Therapy) – I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful wood dresser. I tend to gravitate towards the rustic ones with the big wood knobs, but this art decor one really caught my eye. The styling here is on point!

Bedroom with Quilt (Pottery Barn): This pottery barn quilt is giving me all the fall feels. The room is fairly neutral aside from the fall foliage and beautiful quilt – the balance here feels right.

Orange Roses (Afloral): One of the best places to buy your faux florals. This pop of orange is so pretty here.

Mirrors (Amber Interiors): No surprise here that Amber Interiors made this list. She can do no wrong. The two simple mirrors leaned up against the wall, with a small stack of books and some greenery, is the perfect vignette. And that dresser!? Swoon.

Bathroom (House Seven): Something about this photo is just getting to me! In a good way. The mirrors? The Light? The amber soap bottles? It just all works and is giving me major inspo for redoing our bathroom.

Coat hooks (found here): Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards interesting hardware, not necessarily expensive, just something that catches the eye and looks unique. I love these coat hooks!

I’ll let you guys know when I have another round of inspiration for you. Thanks for visiting the blog today and every day.

xo Karen

What's Inspiring Me Lately

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