A roundup of some of the best interior decorating classes you can take online at your leisure.  

I’m not big into New Year’s Resolutions.  But I do set goals for learning something new each year, like a new hobby or skill.  Knowledge is power, my friends!  And learning is a great way to spark your creativity for new endeavors.  

The Best Interior Design Classes Online - learn something new this year!

So today, I wanted to highlight some of the best interior decorating classes online.  These classes are packed with decorating tips and tricks, can be taken at your own pace, and are inexpensive to boot.  Plus, a lot of them come with a guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied with the course, you can apply for a refund and get your money back.  

I love to learn.  When you are learning, you are growing.  That’s what I tell my kids.  One of my favorite quotes is by Jane Fonda who says:  “Stay curious, keep learning and keep growing. And always strive to be more interested than interesting.”  I love that sentiment for life!  

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So, if you have been thinking of brushing up your decorating skills then here’s a great place to start.  All of these classes are taught by professionals, are perfect for beginners, and have amazing feedback from students.  Why not learn something new this year? 

Interior Decorating Classes Online You’ll Love

1. Kelly Wearstler teaches Interior Design 

One of the best classes out there!  This course is offered through Masterclass and taught by Kelly Wearstler – who is a legit designer!  In fact, she is one of the most famous designers out there and has worked in both residential and commercial!  In this class, she will teach you how to find your style, work with patterns and achieve good lighting, as well as many other design concepts.   I know you will learn something awesome here that you can take away and apply to your own home.  

Learn More Here.  

2. Interior Design Basics – Simple Steps to Perfect your Space

This class is offered through Skillshare and taught by program designer manager Lauren Cox at Havenly.  Havenly is an online interior design firm.  Havenly will first match you with an interior designer, then you share the room you need help with, and then they get to work (even providing you with a list of furniture you can buy on the spot to make your vision a reality.)  

This interior design class taught by Lauren will cover topics such as color, balance, scale, and repetition as well as tips for discovering your own design style!  

Learn More Here.   

3. Style your Space:  Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design by Emily Henderson

Yes, that Emily Henderson.  I was so excited to see she has a class on Skillshare!  If you love her blog, then you will absolutely love her class here.  Emily will teach you how to mix and match styles, how to get in on the trends (in the right way), and how to curate pieces for your home that you will love forever.  

There’s even a fun quiz you can take to help you zone in on your design style.  I guarantee you will learn something new in this course!  

Learn More Here.  

4. How to Work with Interior Design Styles like a Pro

If Pinterest has you confused as ever with home decorating styles – then this course will straighten it out for you.  Erikka Fogleman is a certified interior designer with a degree from the New York Institute of Art and Design and she owns her own interior design firm.  

This is one of the top-rated courses on Udemy and you will love it (or your money back LOL).  Erikka will walk you through 18 of the most popular home decor styles, how to mix and match these styles and ultimately create a home that you love.   It’s worth mentioning that Erikka has a ton of courses on Udemy, so you are in luck if you like her teaching style.    

Learn More Here. 

5. Interior Decorating an A-Z System for your Home

Taught by interior designer Alisa Connely, this course will provide you with formulas and knowledge for decorating every surface and space in your home.  You will learn what style you like the most, how to choose a color scheme for your rooms as well as more practical advice for decorating coffee tables, bookcases,  mantels, and more.  

Learn More Here.  

6. Using Color in Home Design

This course is taught by Tobi Fairley in partnership with House Beautiful.  It’s all about color theory in your home!  If you are afraid of color or stuck in a neutral rut with your home – this class is for you!  I feel like in the past years in interior design, we have had this deluge of white spaces everywhere.  

I think it’s made a lot of us afraid to add any color in our homes like it would be considered dated or something. But now I find I’m really embracing color and seeing how it can truly bring a room to life.  I’m just loving all the moody rooms and non-white kitchens and colorful patterns that are emerging.  If you want to learn more about how to add more color to your home – then this class is for you.  

Learn More Here.  

And that about sums it up for my class picks for now!  I hope you feel inspired, as is my goal with each and every post on this decorating blog.  

Thank you for visiting me today! Xo Karen

Best Interior Decorating Classes Online 2023

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