5 Large Wall Art Ideas for Your Empty Walls

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Walls got you stumped? Get some large wall art ideas right here!

I’ve been thinking a lot about home decor trends lately.  I guess because it’s the new year and I always have this urge to refresh our house around this time.  I love to keep up with what’s new and in style, but I think it’s important to stay true to your own style, too. 

One of these home decor trends I’m seeing – wall art.   

LARGE wall art to be exact. 

According to Pinterest, large-scale wall art searches are up 637%.  Yes, you heard that right!  637%!  It’s time to get some big art up on those walls. 

I do think art is a very, very personal choice.  Artwork can inspire one person and turn another one off at the same time. 

These are just some large wall art ideas to get the wheels turning a little bit.  Maybe you have a large blank wall that this would fit into perfectly.  Or – maybe you are one of the 637% that are already searching!

When I think of large wall art, I usually picture a large piece of abstract art in my head.  I think that’s because I usually gravitate towards those types of artwork.  But there are so many other options to help you jazz up those blank wall spaces! 

Large Wall Art Ideas

I’ve been really inspired by different types of large-scale wall art that you can decorate with.  Below are some ideas – again, just to get those wheels turning.  And you could totally DIY these ideas!  I’m going to do a future post on that as well.  Enjoy the inspiration!  🙂


Ok, yes had to start with abstract.  I love that you can pretty much find the colors you are looking for in abstract art.  Somewhere out there, there is a piece of abstract art that will work with your color scheme. There is something so soothing about abstract art to me.

Photography Art

Sometimes we don’t need to go any further than our own cameras for artwork.  Maybe you have adorable pictures of your kids or some cool travel photos. 

Photography Art
Unknown Source

Tapestries/Wall Canvas

This totally counts as large scale wall art!  Tapestries and canvas add a bit of texture to a wall too.  This one from Pottery Barn is so pretty.

I love this!  Frame some patterned or shibori dyed fabric.

Book Wall Art

I definitely have to try these.  Enlarge a page out of your favorite book!

Book Wall Art
Unknown source

The Painted Hive (one of my favorite blogs ever ever ever) gives a fantastic tutorial and the free printable!  Head on over to her website to check it out.

Book Wall Art
The Painted Hive


Macrame wall hangings are so popular and can work with pretty much any decor style, not just Bohemian. Learn how to Macrame and make a macrame wall hanging yourself, or buy one of these beauties!

Which one is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments!  I can’t wait to DIY these large wall art ideas. 

xo Karen