Lego Storage Solutions that Won’t Make you Go Insane

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In this post, I’m going to show you some easy lego storage solutions that won’t drive you crazy. In fact, this is the same solution we used in my house to finally get a handle on all those legos. Let’s get started.

Legos in a plastic container

My version of hell would be a cold, dark place where I’m surrounded by legos and I have no shoes on.

Ever step on a lego? Torture.

Find legos in your laundry? Annoying.

But legos in the dog food bin? Now you’ve taken it too far.

From one parent to another – I’ve been there. I have two young children and they both LOVE legos. And their friends and family LOVE giving them lego sets as gifts. As do my husband and I. So we have built up a lot of legos in this house!

Black and white label that says legos

Don’t get me wrong – I think legos are great. They keep your kids occupied (for a little while at least) and they allow their little imaginations to run wild. But there are so many dang pieces. And some of them are so itty bitty, I have stud earrings bigger than those pieces!

Today, I’m sharing some ideas and storage solutions for all those dang legos. There are two ways to go about this and I gave some solutions for both.

One method, which I call the easy way, is storage, not organization. (Hence the title of this post.) If I had to put legos away by color or size every time, I would go permanently insane. That’s just me. BUT! I also included some ideas for those who do like to organize that way, too.

Let’s get to it.

Lego Storage Solutions – The Easy Way

Here are a few ideas for storing your legos that will make you happy and that your kids will find easy to keep up with!

These solutions involve just dumping it all into a container and calling it a day – no sorting!

Under the Bed Organizer

boys room showing under the bed storage with legos
Lego Storage Solutions


This is how we store our legos. (I know what you’re thinking – really? You’re showing me under the bed storage?) Ha! I know. It’s a no brainer, though. It’s out of sight when it needs to be but still accessible to your kids.

We used to keep the lego sets in Ziploc bags organized by “project”. It included the little lego instruction book and everything. I was so proud of myself.

And then I realized that my kids were dumping each bag of lego sets onto the floor. At the same time. In the same space.

little boy playing legos

That’s when a little light bulb went off in my brain. I thought – they just want to play legos and build things, they don’t want to rebuild whatever it is they built before. So why was I making this harder than it had to be?

As for the Lego creations they really cherish, they don’t take them apart. We save them and they get put on display on a special shelf in their rooms.

After we finish the set project, all the legos get dumped into a large storage container with wheels that lives under the bed. They can pull it out when they need, and shove it back under when mommy needs clean spaces.

legos in a container on a gray rug

And the best part is? It takes all of five minutes to clean up.

But, isn’t it hard for them to find what pieces they want?

Nope. It really isn’t. I don’t have this bin filled to the tippy top. It’s about halfway filled and they can dig through it easily to find what they want. If you have a ton of legos you can always just add more under the bed storage containers.

pulling out under the bed plastic container with lego label

I love not having to use Ziploc bags anymore. And those instruction booklets? Recycled. 🙂

Drawstring Bag/Activity Mat

Whoever invented these lego drawstring activity mats deserves a medal. I actually considered making one of these. I’m still considering it, but again – the storage bin just works so well for us.

This drawstring bag lays out flat when open, so kids can just dig through their legos and have fun. Then, they just pull on the drawstrings to close it up and put it away until next time.


Lego Storage Table

I love this idea because it gives kids a place to play, and then all they need to do in order to clean up is shove everything to the sides of the table into the storage areas.

This activity table on Amazon doesn’t look bad either and you can use it for non-lego activities. Easy peasy!


I can’t leave this easy lego storage method off the table. Although a basket makes it a little more difficult for your kids to dig through all the legos, it’s the easiest method, to begin with, because most of us have a basket lying around somewhere already. Plus, baskets just look cute anywhere and in any room.

Find a basket with a cute lid if you don’t want the contents visible to everyone. My son has those large building blocks that we throw in a pretty basket and it keeps everything so neatly put away!

white and gray rope basket filled with large building blocks

Fair Warning – your kids might like to dump and run. I just realized that statement could have two meanings. Ha. For the purposes of this post, I mean dump the basket and run. It’s happened many a time in our house. Ugh, mom life. (Another point for the under the bed storage – your kids can’t really dump that. Or at least mine can’t.)

I also love these wood stacking bins from Target. They look really nice, are sturdy and make it easy for kids to reach in and grab whatever they need.

Lego ORGANIZING Solutions

Alright, this is where it gets real. If you don’t want to throw all your legos in one big bin or basket, read on.

These lego storage ideas help keep the pieces organized for you – by color or size. Whatever floats your boat. God love ya!

Lego Storage Chests / Organizers

In order to organize, we need separate compartments. This activity chest has 6 different compartments for keeping your legos organized and in the right places. This could be a great activity for kids to sort by color/type. And maybe you are even into that!

Of course, you could also go with simple and inexpensive clear lidded bins, labels, and a shelf or cube storage system. Dollar Stores are great for these inexpensive types of bins too!

Speaking of labels, I love my cheapie retro label maker. It’s so cool and vintage-y. I use it on everything.

Here are some other lego organizing solutions you may like …

Lego Travel Storage Options

Since I am always looking for ways to make travel with kids easier, I thought I would include these lego travel storage options. I never thought to bring legos with me on trips, but they are great for keeping your kids occupied, whether it’s on a plane, in a car or even at Grandma’s house.

little boy playing legos

I hope this gave you guys some good ideas for where to put all those legos. Thanks for reading today!

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xo Karen

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